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Video: Cuffed Texas burglar steals cruiser; Former cop scheduled for execution

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 The ‘12 Knights of Christmas’ 2012
 Robotic exoskeletons for law enforcement
 Dec. 10, 2012
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Video: Cuffed Texas burglar steals cruiser

La. officer killed in crash

5 dead in Calif. Indian reservation shootings

Today's Top Stories:
Day 1 of legal pot marred by deaths at growing operation: Homeowner told cops that intruders forced their way into the home
Constable killed in single-vehicle crash: 78-year-old army veteran was pronounced dead at the scene
Dash cam footage of Jovan Belcher released prior to murder-suicide: Officials say whatever made Belcher snap happened well after his encounter with officers
Police: Airport security officer killed in Ohio
Video: Burglar calls cops on self
Former Fla. police officer scheduled for execution
Career crook killed robbing undercover NY police
Video: Parents encourage, film daughter’s brawl
Calif. campus police forced to shoot, kill college student
2012 in Review

The '12 Knights of Christmas' 2012

By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
There are many enjoying Christmas this year because of the decisive actions of police officers. Here are just a few examples. As I have for the past couple of years here on PoliceOne, I give to you the 12 Knights of Christmas. California to New York
Introducing a Smaller, Lighter & Lower-Priced Laser Ally LIDAR
The best speed gun in the business is now available in an even more compact and economical model. The new Laser Ally Compact Speed LIDAR weighs a mere 1.0 lb. and features many of the Laser Ally’s most popular capabilities.
View a side-by-side speed gun comparison
Police Tech & Gear

Robotic exoskeletons for law enforcement

By Tim Dees, PoliceOne Columnist
We won't be recycling all-but-dead cops into cyborgs anytime soon, but there is some robot-like research ongoing that could someday make it into the law enforcement sector. Faster, stronger, better
Alcohol test gag
A hidden camera show has people believing the breathalyzer is broken, and people must dance to prove their sobriety.
Police control crowd swarming housing office
When thousands of people showed up in an Ohio suburb to receive one of the 200 housing applications available, residents had to call police to control the crowd.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
Police Dog Christmas Ornament
See all of our First Responder Christmas gifts at: ChicagoFireAndCopShop.com. For Policemen by Policemen for over 30 years.
Order your Christmas gifts now
Tactical Tip
Blurry photos: New program fixes the unfixable
By Tim Dees, PoliceOne Columnist
Vladimir Yuzhikov, a computer engineer specializing in image and signal processing, has created software called SmartDeblur, a free software used for de-blurring images. Undoing bad focus
Introducing Eleven 10’s Kydex Duty Belt Tourniquet Cases
A tourniquet may save your life in a lethal force encounter. Eleven 10’s Kydex Tourniquet Cases mount to your duty belt vertically or horizontally, and hold a SOFT-T®, SOFT-T® Wide, or CAT® Tourniquet. Kydex retention securely holds the tourniquet with no straps or covers, but is easily removable when needed.
Order your Kydex Tourniquet Case at 1110Gear.com
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