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Video: Fla. police take down DUI suspect; Tattoo mistaken for gun

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 What cops need to know about minor sex trade
 Why SCOTUS won't issue a sweeping police cell phone search decision
 March 19, 2014
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Video: Fla. police take down unruly DUI suspect

Video: Man attacks SEPTA officer, bystanders help

Video: Protesters at Calif. college clash with police

Combating Human Trafficking

What cops need to know about minor sex trade

By John Vanek, PoliceOne Contributor
Every law enforcement officer needs to be familiar with the term Domestic Minor Sex Trade (DMST). It's both the sector of human trafficking most often discussed in American media and where the most change in legislation is occurring. 3 things

Never Forget to Record with Your Body Cam Again
Digital Ally’s new patent pending VuLink™ technology lets the FirstVu™ HD officer-worn video system receive wireless triggers to automatically start recording just like an in-car video system. It can even start recordings on both body and vehicle-mounted systems simultaneously and link the recordings into a single incident in the back office software.
Remove the distraction of body cams
LEOs and the Law

Why SCOTUS won't issue a sweeping police cell phone search decision

By Val Van Brocklin, PoliceOne Columnist
What's reasonable and unreasonable when it comes to cell phone searches is being left up to the Supreme Court, but there are two very good reasons why it won't issue a sweeping decision. My bet
Generational crossroads: A challenge for trainers
Tim Janowick discusses generational gaps and the issues and opportunities that arise from them.
NM State police celebrate boy's 3rd birthday
Officers met Xavier, 3, who already knows he wants to be a police officer.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com

Manage Your Workforce More Efficiently
Automating staff scheduling and notification capabilities can help federal public safety achieve greater operational efficiency, emergency readiness and fiscal responsibility to improve safety and service to the public. Learn more about the benefits of automating your scheduling processes during our live webinar on March 26, 2014 – 2pm ET.
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Tactical Tip
Why a power grid attack has potential for terrorism
By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
In February of this year, an unknown number of suspects removed a number of bolts from the base of an electric tower's support structure, "increasing the potential for collapse and electrical service interruption." Probing event?
Law Enforcement Sexual Assault Investigations & Interviewing Live Webinars
Our live sexual assault investigations and interviewing webinars should be an integral aspect of your reactive patrol officers and specialized unit investigators education and training. Contact us today to sign-up for one of our 50+ webinars.
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GearGrid Unveils Innovative Tactical Mobile Lockers
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