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Video: Jammed gun stops McD's shooting; Cops save child in cardiac arrest

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 "I've been shot in the head:" A rookie cop's survival
 What makes a good street cop?
 September 27, 2013
Featured News

Video: Would-be McD's robber foiled by gun malfunction

Officer in bra-shaking stop suspended 1 day

Thousands gather to remember slain Ind. officer

Today's Top Stories:
Wash. police K-9 stabbed by suspect, recovering: K-9 had surgery and was released after being stabbed in shoulder
2 off-duty Philly cops save child in cardiac arrest: Officers began CPR and stayed with family at hospital for hours
Teen arrested in shooting death of Ariz. officer: Detention officer Jorge Vargas was targeted in his driveway at home
Video: Speeding escalator ends brawl between crowd, police
Armed homeowner, deaf dog foil robbery
American hostages thank Kenyan police rescuers
Officer returns flying wallet to road-tripper
Cop impersonator confronts undercover detective
Feds help Detroit hire officers
P1 Roll Call

Jogging cop kills robber; heroes of mall terror attack

We discuss the officers who saved hostages from the Kenyan mall shooting, and highlight a remarkable call from an officer who had been shot in the head. Watch the video
Perspectives on Policing

"I've been shot in the head:" A rookie cop's survival

By Loraine Burger, PoliceOne Columnist
"Shots fired," Sioux City Officer Kevin McCormick told dispatchers. "I've been shot in the head." Listening to the call now, McCormick can hardly believe how calm he was as he described the gunman to dispatch. Ready to run
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Career Issues

5 traits of great street cops

By Mike Rayburn, PoliceOne Contributor
One might think that it takes a degree in computer science, engineering, or forensic technology to become a cop these days. But in reality, the traits that made good street cops 50 years ago are the same ones that make a good street cop today. Honor, family, faith
Law Enforcement and television
Roy Bedard talks about the effect media has on law enforcement, and how the rise of citizen journalism has police constantly in the spotlight.
Complex child abuse investigations
Matt Steihm discusses the infamous Jerry Sandusky case and talks about difficulties associated with complex child abuse investigations.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Should law enforcement utilize psychics in investigations?

By Stephanie Hatton, PoliceOne Member
There are those within the law enforcement community who fervently defend using self-proclaimed psychics in order to develop leads in cold cases. And then there are those who duly question the use of such resources. What do you think?
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Video Tip
Extreme close quarters gun manipulations
Don Gulla shows a couple of techniques which may help you ensure retention of your firearm even in extreme close-quarters fighting. Watch the video
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
That thing got a HEMI?
This week’s photo of the week comes from Sgt. Richard Garner of the Rio Blanco County Sheriff's Office in rugged Northwest Colorado. Pictured is Garner's 2011 Dodge Power wagon.
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