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Video: Police shoot, kill stabbing suspect; Ex-officer who wanted 'suicide by cop' killed

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 The day my warrior instincts kicked in
 No parole for cop-killer Sidney Porter
 May 31, 2013
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Video: Philly police shoot, kill stabbing suspect

Officer seriously injured by texting teen driver

Video: Gang members open fire on unmarked cop car

Today's Top Stories:
Video: Okla. cop's dash cam catches massive tornado: Video shows massive tornado as officer watches
Video: Philly cop interrupts shooting, kills armed suspect: Gunfire erupted right in front of a stunned officer
Crazed employee identified in Costco attack, officer recovering: One officer was shot in leg by ricocheting bullet
Ex-cop who wanted 'suicide by cop' killed by police
Would-be Chicago backpack bomber gets 23 years
Police chief uses Facebook to promote harsh sentencing for child molester
Woman arrested after calling police on her pimp
Drunken driver runs over NM ranger's leg
Father of Fla. man connected to bombings claims his son was executed
News Analysis:
3 photos to stop teens from 'texting and driving'
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Folks, we need to get more creative about how we stop people from texting and driving, because what we’re presently doing doesn't work well enough. Does your PD allow for 'officer's discretion' up to and including crash scene photographs as teaching tools to 'scare them straight' during a citation stop? Creative options
P1 Roll Call

Ky. officer fatally shot, dangers of 3D guns

Dave Smith discusses the death of a Ky. officer who was ambushed and the newly discovered dangers of 3D printable guns. Watch the video
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Perspectives on Policing

Saving my partner: The day my warrior instincts kicked in

By Loraine Burger, PoliceOne Columnist
Officer Brian Wanschura credits his mental preparation for the outcome of the night when his partner was shot twice with a shotgun. They imagined and discussed different scenarios that could happen to mentally prepare themselves for the worst.
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10-43: Be Advised...

No parole for cop-killer Sidney Porter

By Doug Wyllie, Editor in Chief
Sidney Dean Porter viciously murdered Officer Frank Ward of the John Day (Ore.) PD in 1992... and he may go free on June 7. What part of the phrase "life in prison" do some people refuse to understand? Let's ask
Woman trying to steal pizza placed in headlock
Police were called to the scene where they found an employee subduing the would-be robber.
Body scans at CJC provide internal and external images
Keeping inmates and staff at the El Paso County Jail safe is a 24/7 day a week job that includes constant supervision, security cameras, and now body scanners.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Are police-community relations DRT?

By Pat Welsh, PoliceOne Member
An important lesson to learn is that there is no end zone to police-community relations and creating a safer community — there is no "we have arrived moment." The process is a never-ending journey that will require vigilance, constant commitment, and sometimes failure.
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Video Tip
Response to an attempted gun grab
Dan Marcou discusses and demonstrates a response to an attempted gun grab on the street. Watch the video
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    Less lethal
    This week's photo comes from Sgt. Tony Casiano with the Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Police. Pictured is Casiano and Agent Luis Sanchez conducting less lethal training with the Special Operations Response Team.
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