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Video: Suspect slams cruiser at 100 mph; Cop dies of heart attack after pursuit

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 9 thoughts from Dave Grossman
 Armory tools for police: The basic building blocks
 Feb. 19, 2013
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Video: Fleeing suspect slams cruiser at 100 mph

Video: Pot-smokers drive high to test driving skills

Minn. officer dies of heart attack following pursuit

Today's Top Stories:
Court: Police don't have to prove K-9 training: Extensive documentation is no longer needed to uphold K-9's work in court
Troopers and Newtown families form tight bonds: Conn. State Police assigned troopers, officers to each victim's family
LAPD chief: Review of Dorner firing under way: Doesn't discount the effect that Dorner's manifesto has had on reputation of the dept
Authorities: 4 dead in Calif. shooting spree
Supreme Court limits detention powers in police searches
Judge: Man who lunged at cop with sword not guilty
Video: Former cop out of control in back of squad
NAACP head: Even some in NYPD oppose stop and frisk
Dozens of pro-Dorner protesters rally at LAPD
The Warrior's Path

A conversation with the colonel: 9 thoughts from Dave Grossman

By Duane Wolfe, PoliceOne Columnist
These are just a few of the nuggets of wisdom from a two-day seminar. Having seen him over almost a 15-year time span, I can tell you that he has not lost one ounce of passion for what he does. Denial kills you twice
New HD Zero Sightline Camera™ from WatchGuard Video
WatchGuard Video introduces the NEW High Definition Camera as a companion to the 4RE™ HD Wireless Transfer In-Car Video System. With Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range Technology, this new camera outperforms any camera on the market and tucks neatly out of sight to ensure an unobstructed view through the patrol car windshield.
Read more at www.WatchGuardVideo.com
Firearms Training & Equipment

Armory tools for police: The basic building blocks

By Dennis Haworth, PoliceOne Contributor
Someday, someone is going to bring you a firearm because they are not able to find a serial number or get the thing unloaded. It's always the put-together-six-ways-to-wrong pile of junk, and they are looking at you to solve their problem. Here's what to do
Cop tests new 2013 Zero DS Police Motorcycle
A Calif. manufacturer has unveiled a more powerful version of its electric-powered Zero DS Police Motorcycle.
High-tech headset helps police look through walls
A new device has been designed to help police spot criminals through buildings using infrared technology.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
Featured Blogger

Mass. Association of Crime Analysts

The Mass. Association of Crime Analysts is a small non-profit that supports LE agencies throughout New England. Lt. Glen Mills along with other members write about everything from encouraging the development of crime analysis among agencies to providing a forum to share techniques, tools, and ideas.
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  • Use DNA how you've never used it before.
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    "Pretend" charges you have threatened
    I stopped an old wino driving down the street once and he screamed that he was NOT a danger because he was driving so slow. I told him that was exactly why he was being arrested..... "Creeping with the intent to crawl", to be exact.

    What other cool charges have you or a buddy used?
    True Warriors are Fierce Because Their Training is Fierce
    Fulcrum Tactical Training was founded to provide the best training at the lowest possible cost to law enforcement nation wide. Fulcrum Tactical Training offers a variety of training courses to fit your department's needs.
    Find out more about this world class training
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    Product News
    Laramie PD, Lone Tree PD and Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office to Deploy AXON Flex and EVIDENCE.com
    [TASER International]

    Municipal Graphics Launches Official YouTube Channel
    [Municipal Graphics]
    More product news

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    Police Officer
    Kent PD, WA
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    Feb. 25th

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