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Video: Traffic cop attacked by monkey; Police probe response to nude man

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PoliceOne Member Newsletter
 A tribute to the railroad police officer
 Training for success despite diminished budgets
 June 21, 2013
Dear PoliceOne Member,

Yesterday, I learned about a young man in Colorado — whose uncle was a law enforcement officer murdered in the line of duty — who had just lost his treasured police patch collection when wildfire there consumed his home.

We posted that news and I wrote a column asking you to send a patch to help him rebuild that collection. Betsy Brantner Smith also makes this effort part of this week's Roll Call video.

Today I spoke by phone with that boy’s father — a Lieutenant with the Colorado Springs Police Department — who asked me to pass along his, his son’s, and his entire family’s gratitude for your kindness.

So thank you, my friends. You’re heroes — all of you.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor In Chief
Featured News

Video: Texas cop attacked by monkey

Police response to naked man's attack probed

4 shot at NC law firm, Wal-Mart; suspect caught

Today's Top Stories:
DEA agent killed in Colombia robbery attempt: James Watson was stabbed 4 times after being pulled from taxi
Federal judges order Calif. to free 9,600 inmates: If crowding issues are not solved, low-risk offenders will be released
SCOTUS ruling: Silence can be evidence as guilt: Ruling upheld conviction of man who bit lip when asked about gun shells
Federal nullification efforts give local, federal police conflicting orders
30 arrested in Texas in sweep of notorious gang
Obama nominating Comey as FBI director
Fleeing drug suspect choked to death on bag of cocaine
Conn. man hurled AC unit, pots, pans at police
Ga. police sergeant reinstated 6 years after stabbing
News Analysis:
Ashes to patches and the value of small gestures
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
After Detective Jared Jensen was killed in the line of duty, his nephew began to collect police patches from across the globe. His home was one of 500 destroyed in the Black Forest Fire. The young man's irreplaceable patch collection had gone up in smoke. In the past, we've answered the call to give aid and this is no different.
P1 Roll Call

Racial profiling bill; Ashes to Patches

Betsy Brantner Smith discusses a bill that would blindfold officers and an endeavor to restore a boy's police patch collection. Watch the video
Policing Rural America

A tribute to the railroad police officer

By Pat Novesky, PoliceOne Columnist
Since 1849, there have been 149 railroad officers who have been killed in the line of duty and recognized on the wall, although a little more research can put the number as high as 201. A storied history
Introducing DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System
With DNAscan™ Rapid DNA Analysis™ System, you go from a DNA swab of a suspect to a database search in just 85 minutes. Speed up your investigation process and solve crimes faster by obtaining DNA results in your booking station, before releasing the suspect.
See DNAscan in action at NSA, June 24-26th
The Art of Discipline

Training for success despite diminished budgets

By Anthony Powalie, PoliceOne Contributor
Training in any agency should be a priority. Reductions in budgets are all too common, but this should not be an excuse for lack of training. There are ways to contain training costs while also providing effective training. Cui Bono
Man arrested for photographing NY police station
The man claims he was harassed by police, who were concerned after the man snapped photos for an hour outside the station.
Ariz. police train for active shooters in schools
Police are looking to create a cross-department streamlined response to any shooting so all cops are prepared.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Using 'Not Today' and 'Below 100' on every shift

By Jason Welin, PoliceOne Member
Most officers do a walk around of their vehicle at the start of their shift. After a while don't these walk-arounds become rountine? One way to prevent the dreaded "R" word is to integrate new concepts into our pre-trip inspection. But how?
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Visit us at www.3M.com/mvss
Video Tip
Escaping the 'chicken wing' rear attack
Alongside his presentation partner, PoliceOne Columnist Dan Marcou discusses and demonstrates several options for escaping an attack from the rear. Watch the video
Find Whatever You're Looking For
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Get the right light for the job
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Band of brothers
This week’s photo comes from CPTED Planner Jim Eicher with the Chesterfield Police Department of Virginia. Pictured are members of the Chesterfield police during SWAT training.
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