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Video: Traffic stop turns into pursuit, gunfight; Cop shuts down highway to save dog

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 When cops turn rogue and how to prevent it
 Prepare your community for active shooters
 Feb. 15, 2013
Featured News

Slain former SEAL wanted to be a cop

Video: Traffic stop turns into pursuit, gunfight

Deputy killed in Dorner's last stand identified

Today's Top Stories:
Detective dies of 'medical emergency' at gym: 25-year veteran of the department, and has served 35 years total
Video: Cop confiscates phone from 'citizen journalist': Phone had perishable evidence of a crime case
Video: Officer frees deer by shooting antlers: Sharp shooter used 3 shots to get two deer untangled without harm
Former Fla. cop found not guilty in son's death
Cause of Dorner's death unclear
S.C. marathoner to run alongside cop who saved him
Texas officer shuts down highway to save dog
Man claims car accelerator 'stuck' at 125 mph
Video: Shootout footage helps police convict drug dealer
P1 Weekly Update

Dorner killed, trainee injured, and this week's "Not Today"

This week's highlights include the end of Christopher Dorner's rampage and a trainee being shot in the head during a training drill. Watch the video
Practical Police Psychology

When cops turn rogue and how to prevent it

By Dr. Larry Miller, PoliceOne Columnist
What makes a LEO turn from protector to punisher? How can we predict when this will happen and to whom? How do fellow officers react to an eruption of violence by one of their own? 5 prevention methods
Federal Signal Introduces the SpectraLux ILS for Undercover & Highway LE Vehicles
Ideal for the most popular undercover and highway vehicle applications, the SpectraLux ILS by Federal Signal offers the same advancedwarning and directional lighting as a full-size lightbar. This interior lighting system features Federal Signal’s SpectraLux multi-color LED capability. While in operation, a single LED light source can change color combinations from red, amber, blue or white.
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Perspectives on Policing

5 ways to prepare your community for active shooters

By Loraine Burger, PoliceOne Staff
Conducting presentations for the community about preparing for emergencies is nothing new. Most police departments have been giving more or less the same presentation for years. But Newtown changed all that. Advice for departments
Officer 'busted' laughing at suspect
The officer yells for the man to put his hands up and turn around, then struggles to hold in a chuckle as the overweight man lifts his shirt.
Giant vs. cop
A large man flees cops after taking one of them down in Boynton, Fla. then changes his mind about running!
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

A 'hero' who broke the faith

By Tom Adrahtas, PoliceOne Member
Okay, I just can't take it anymore. Between Twitter and some of the stuff I've read on Facebook, way too many "Americans" have chosen to side with this murderous killer. Yes, I'm talking about Christopher Dorner. He's a murderer
Critical Conditions, Critical Connection.
Whether you're first on-scene or responding as backup, Harris delivers the reliable communications you need. Harris radios are rugged, compact, easy to use, and proven on the frontline. From secure voice and situational awareness for tactical teams to multiband interoperability, you can trust Harris.
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Video Tip
Principles of the S.P.E.A.R. system
In this video, we discuss some of the physiological and psychological survival mechanisms which form the basis of the S.P.E.A.R. system. Watch the video
Effective & Affordable Emergency Vehicle Driver Training with EVOC-101 Web™
EVOC-101 Web provides online training for police and emergency vehicle drivers in a convenient setting, available 24/7. It prepares drivers for a simulator, track, and the road and has been shown to improve driver performance scores and reduce accidents.
Take a test drive of EVOC-101 Web
P1 Member Photo of the Week
D'Jango Unchained
This week's photo comes from Steve Colburn. The photo is of Loveland Police K9 Handler Officer Rob Croner and K9 D'Jango. The photo was taken for the retirement of D'Jango after 7 years of dedicated service.
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