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PoliceOne - Week 290 Volume 2 - Member News PoliceOne Member News
PoliceOne PoliceOne Member News
Week 290 Volume 2
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Milestone winner
PoliceOne would like to congratulate Officer Tim Dennis with the TVA (TN) PD who has won a Gift Certificate for a Ballistic Nylon X26 Taser Holster from Stallion Leather.

Scott Buhrmaster
Managing Editor

Training a brain for a car chase
By Sea Stachura, Minnesota Public Radio

Many people are concerned about the dangers of police chases. But until now there's never been a study about what happens to a police officer's brain during a chase. Research at Minnesota State University, Mankato raises questions about whether police training for chases is adequate ... Full Story

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Photo by Simon Baker/Getty Images

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Meth still No. 1 drug problem in U.S., survey finds
WASHINGTON- Meth abuse continues to fuel an increase in crimes like robbery and assault, straining the workload of local police forces despite a drop in the number of meth lab seizures, according to a survey ... Full Story

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(left) An Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation employee poses with 6.4 grams of crystal methamphetamine recently seized in a drug bust, in Oklahoma City, 2005. (AP Photo)

PoliceOne Training Tip:

Firearm tactical lights

Submitted by: Dpty. Scott Popick, Broward Co. (FL) SO
Sponsored by MAGNUM
I've been carrying a Glock Tactical Light on my handgun for the last 2 years. Over this time, when I've had to engage a suspect or clear a building, I've been able to have my weak hand available for any other task, like issuing hand signals to other officers or opening a door ... Full Story
(Secured- law enforcement only)

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News Headlines:

Press Release:
ATN Introduces its New Thermal Imaging Night Vision Device: OTIS-G7 Thermal Imaging Goggle
P1 Terrorism Update:
Confirmed: Hezbollah terror operatives, "sleeper cells" poised in the U.S.
Calif. officer killed while off duty
[Fresno, CA]
Pa. man escapes cruiser by jumping out of window
[Pittsburgh, PA]
Three arrested after Okla. standoff
[Oklahoma City, OK]

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TASER International has developed a two-day program specifically designed for law enforcement executives, government risk managers, legal counsels and medical advisors. Topics covered include an overview of TASER® electronic control devices, use-of-force legal and policy issues, medical information and risk mitigation.

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Press Release:
MAGNUM USA Launches Redesigned Website: magnumboots.com
Ga. state troopers may enforce federal laws
Heat exhaustion in car gets blame for Utah HP dog's death
[Green River, UT]
Two pythons tie up Calif. officers
[Fremont, CA]
Authorities find dozens of Ariz. immigrants stranded in desert
[Tonopah, AZ]

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