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Week 328
Volume 2
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Nitrogen use in LE fleets: Is your safety riding on it?
A properly inflated tire is essential for safety, fuel mileage, handling and tire longevity. The air in a LE officer’s tires is the lifeline between the officer’s car and the ground. The tire is the only item on the car that touches the roadway, which means a properly inflated tire is vital to officer safety.

While regular checks of the tires are essential to ensure the proper air pressure, research tells us that most drivers do not check their tire pressure often enough to prevent the under-inflation of tires ... Full Story

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Mass. officer accidently shot
while battling pit bull

LYNN, Mass. — A Lynn police officer was accidentally shot in the leg by another officer yesterday as they subdued and captured a pit bull terrier at a house where police were pursuing suspected car thieves.

The injured officer, a six-year veteran of the police department, was attacked by the dog after he and other officers tried to subdue the animal with rubber projectiles ... Full Story

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Pit bull shot after attacks on 2 N.Y. officers

No weapon...and a snarling dog lunging for her throat

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PoliceOne Training Tip:
Familiarize yourself with other local squad cars

How many times have we backed up or assisted a sister agency? Almost every day, right? But how familiar are you with their patrol cars? The local PD ended a pursuit next to my house while I was home and off-duty ... Full Tip (Secured- LE only)

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Press Release:
Spillman Technologies Helps City of Riverdale, Ga. Integrate Public Safety Data

L.A. police fatally shoot man coming at them with metal rod
[Los Angeles, CA]

Texas officer dragged as man steals his cruiser
[San Antonio, TX]

Calif. man fatally shot after charging officers
[Santa Rosa, CA]

Pa. K-9 officer shoots gun-brandishing suspect
[Knoxville, PA]

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First Choice Armor Launches Most Advanced Quick-Release Vest Available for Military or Tactical Operations

Calif. officer bitten by suspect trying to swallow drugs
[Merced, CA]

Officers catch babies at Bronx fire
[New York, NY]

FBI, Chicago police work to foil terrorists
[Chicago, IL]

Calif. man loses artificial leg during police chase
[Pomona, CA]

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