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Week 339
June 27, 2007
New study: We're getting better prepared to win on the street and in court

We all know some of the "truths" of officer-involved shootings:

  • A high percentage of officers leave LE after they're involved in a shooting.
  • Suspects who try to kill officers are usually drunk, drugged, or deranged.
  • In matters of deadly force, when you're sued, you're screwed.

  • Based on a new study of lethal force, it may be time to dump these and other venerable "truths" about police encounters into the dustbin of myth ... Full Story

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    Dashcam footage shows Cpl. Bruce McKay using pepper spray on an evasive suspect. Moments later, the suspect fires multiple shots, killing McKay. The suspect then runs over his body. Watch video
    Just released: Video shows last moments before N.H. officer's death

    CONCORD, N.H. — It lasts all of six or seven seconds — the driver reaching out as if to wave someone away, the police officer striding up, releasing a cloud of pepper spray through the car's open window, and the driver reaching out again, this time firing a handgun.

    Video taken from Franconia Police Cpl. Bruce McKay's cruiser shows the shockingly brutal confrontation ... Full Story

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    PoliceOne Training Tip
    PoliceOne Video News

    Unmarked police car hits suspect, officer

    A Denver police officer pursues a bank robber on foot when an unmarked squad car hits them both. Watch video

    Don't underestimate the homeless

    One of the dangers officers face when dealing with the homeless is the temptation to slide into tactical complacency.

    In today's P1 tip, a member reminds fellow officers to maintain their officer survival mind-set when approaching the homeless and to avoid falling prey to the presumption that they can’t pose a serious threat.

    To cement the point, he'll share the details of a close call of his own ... Full Tip

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    News and Announcements:

    Press Release:
    The OpTac International National SWAT/Sniper Symposium
    [OpTac International]

    Fla. officers shoot suspects to avoid being run over
    [Coral Springs, FL]

    Wounded Ohio cop: 'I just felt pain'
    [Hamilton, OH]

    Calif. police bust suspects selling flavored cocaine
    [Sacramento, CA]

    Md. troopers will no longer step out of cars to halt speeders
    [Pikesville, MD]

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    News and Announcements:

    Press Release:
    Informed Publishing Introduces New Home Emergency Pocket Guide for Household Use
    [Informed Publishing]

    Northern Calif. driver arrested after wild police pursuit
    [Rodeo, CA]

    Nude driver hits La. trooper during traffic stop
    [Gonzales, LA]

    Fla. gun crime increases tremendously
    [Orlando, FL]

    Citizens sit on suspect until police arrive
    [Madison, WI]

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  • Presented by KRM: "Time Management" July 27

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