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Week 366
January 2, 2008
The Cutting Edge of Law Enforcement Technology:
Exploring the "wireless spectrum highway"

Officers know how important radio communication is to the job, but we rarely give much consideration as to how the devices connect to each other until they become too slow or inoperable.

The medium of transport on most of these devices is the "wireless
spectrum highway." So, what is that? ... Full Story

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Fight with suspect

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Deputy gets a handful

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Utah officers' training lauded
in shooting incidents

SANDY, Utah — Police here have had two officer-involved shootings just nine days apart. And if not for good training and good instincts, some believe both incidents could have had very different outcomes.

The recent shooting incidents involved a standoff situation with an armed gunman and a seemingly routine traffic stop.

"There's no doubt in my mind the officers' training saved their lives" ... Full Story

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Why training matters

What promotes peak performance in lethal-force conflicts?

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PoliceOne Training Tip

Call out the location

Being able to quickly and accurately pinpoint your location for dispatch and other responding units at any point during a call is critical to your ability to do your job safely and effectively.

In today's tip, a P1 member shares a technique she uses to help keep track of her location while on the move in a squad so she can quickly identify her location when necessary ... Full Tip

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PoliceOne Video News

Handheld device can detect meth

This device is science's equivalent to a drug sniffing dog, but legal issues may keep it out of LEOs' hands.

Watch video news report on BLUtube.com
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High-threat tactical whisper-mic headset provides both hearing protection and situational awareness with hear-through communications. While the user's hearing is protected from concussion damage, ambient sound can be amplified so that you will hear a faint whisper or sounds of movement. The HTH also fits under tactical helmets and accommodates gas masks and goggles. The boom mic plugs into gas masks/SCBA voice emitter for improved comms when gas is deployed.

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News and Announcements
Press Release:
OpTac International Updates Symposium with Additional Topics
[OpTac International]

Pittsburgh man arrested after trying to run down officers
[Pittburgh, PA]

Md. inmate overpowers officers, flees hospital
[Laurel, MD]

Tenn. deputy fatally shoots armed suspect
[Marshall County, TN]

Calif. suspect leaps off bridge with police dog
[Coronado, CA]
Officer Down

Corporal Courtney G. Brooks
Baltimore, Maryland

Transportation Authority Police officer killed in hit and run
End of Watch: Dec. 31, 2007

Visit the P1 Officer Down page
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News and Announcements
Press Release:
RKDefense Website Offers Valuable Service

Off-duty Houston officer shoots, arrests rapist
[Houston, TX]

Feds take on violent Latino gang accused of targeting blacks in LA
[Los Angeles, CA]

U.S. Virgin Islands police officer arrested for shooting spree
[Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands]

FBI heats up search for skyjacker D.B. Cooper
[Portland, OR]
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