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Week 379
April 4, 2008
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Verbal Judo Tactics & Techniques:
Aim for peace, but be prepared for war
The most important thing we don't teach — but should — is a coherent philosophy that can unite the need for physical force and the need to project and infuse those we contact with peace.

People should be treated with respect and restraint until they prove they are "wolves" ... Full Story
Sponsored by ELSAG North America

Its name is new, but ELSAG North America is the same progressive company leading the U.S. in Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology. Its advanced Mobile Plate Hunter-900 is used by more than 300 law enforcement agencies in 28 states.

For more information, visit www.elsagna.com.
Featured News:
Neighbors cheer during Calif. drug raid

AP Photo/Karie Hamilton

HUMBOLDT, Calif. — The Humboldt Drug Task Force and the Eureka Police Department raided two separate residences early Thursday morning, to the elation of area residents who have long claimed the houses were an epicenter of drug activity.

"If we have a success in one place, that will hopefully embolden other neighborhoods to stand up and address problems" ... Full Story

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Sponsored by:
Sponsored by U.S. Armor

U.S. Armor recommends that body armor be worn when qualifying or other training involves any type of firearm, whether it is a "training weapon" or not. Scenario-based training is designed to provide as much of a "real world" experience as possible, which should include vest wear to acclimate the trainee to performing all mission activities while wearing armor.

For more information, visit www.usarmor.com.
PoliceOne Video Training Tip

Minimizing front sight bounce

With Lou Ann Hamblin,
Team One Network

In this week's PoliceOne video tip, trainer Lou Ann Hamblin explains how officers on the move and aiming at a suspect can better increase their chances of staying on target by minimizing the "bounce" of their front sights ... Full Tip

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News and Announcements

Press Release:
Beverly Hills Police Hosting “TigerLight” Technology

Va. trooper hit by police car
[Norfolk, VA]

N.J. police arrest 91 gang members
[Trenton, NJ]

N.C. police using task force to stop burglaries
[High Point, NC]

Philly's largest coke bust nets 274 kilos
[Philadelphia, PA]

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Sponsored by Commercial Electronics

Vidicode has introduced the new Octo digital call recorder. It can record up to 8 telephone or radio lines. Whether it’s an emergency call or taking a statement, no vital call will be missed. Each call is stored automatically and easily retrieved.

Visit www.vidicodeus.com to find out more.
News and Announcements

Press Release:
Electrophysics Provides the World’s First High Definition Night Vision Solutions
[Electrophysics Night Vision]

NYPD builds fail-safe communication network
[New York, NY]

Flying drones to battle pot growers
[Billings, MT]

Ill. police seize $4.5 million in coke
[Aurora, IL]

Retired officers make millions with Web site
[Denver, CO]

PoliceOne Member
Comment of the Week

"Better make sure to have a sworn officer close. I've had more than one 'routine' accident or low-risk call turn into a fist fight very quickly. I hope they are providing a lot of personal defense training to these folks."

Member comment to an article about a civilians increasing doing police work.
Career and Training Opportunities
Featured Training:Featured Job:

  • 2008 IALEFI Training Conference May 4-9

    Featured Degree Program:

  • New England College—Master of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership
  • Title: Police Officer

    Craig PD, AK

    Salary: $41,520 annual (entry level)

    Learn more and apply!

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    Free 5.11 Walnut Pants from Chief!

    From CHIEF

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