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Week 388
June 2, 2008
P1 Exclusive
Officer down! Getting an injured officer to safety

In an instant, any of us could be in a situation where we need to rescue a badly wounded officer from a hot-fire zone that a determined attacker is trying to turn into a killing field. Knowing how to respond immediately as a well-coordinated team could mean the difference between life and death for the downed officer. Yet many agencies fail to train street cops in any practical rescue techniques, apparently figuring that SWAT members are the only ones who may ever need ... Full Story
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Featured News
K-9 units allowed to sniff without warrant

Grand Blanc Township Police Department Sgt. Matt Simpson walks partner Kase to his vehicle. Photo: Ryan Garza/The Flint Journal

GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. — Police, or at least K-9 units, now can go sniffing around outside your house even without a warrant.

A recent court ruling said police don't need a search warrant to take drug-sniffing dogs to the front door of homes, as long as they have a tip there are illegal drugs there. If police get that tip, the appeals court has given officers the go ahead to have drug dogs sniff around outside the house. They still need to get a search warrant to search inside the home if hte dog indicates there are drugs.

Opponents say the decision whittles away the rights of citizens ... Full Story

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PoliceOne Safety Tip
Don't stand in front of cars

Standing in the wrong place during a traffic stop can get you seriously injured, or killed, as illustrated in numerous in-car video clips of crashes during car stops. In today’s P1 tactical tip a member shares a simple, but very important reminder about roadside positioning that can help you dramatically lower your roadside risk ... Full Tip

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News and Announcements
Press Release:
TigerLight Combines New Breakthrough Technology in Power Packed T100

Ariz. officer on life support after pursuit shooting
[Tucson, AZ]

N.Y. officer saves 6 from burning home
[New York, NY]

Colo. group launches hotline for racial profiling
[Greeley, CO]

Ohio state patrol facing cash crunch
[Columbus, OH]
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