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Week 393
July 11, 2008
P1 Exclusive
"I want to become a trainer"
There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t get an email, a phone call, or get approached in person at a seminar or conference and get asked this: “How do I become a police trainer?” I start by explaining how I personally got into training (“fell into" is more accurate), then I tell them about the paths followed by some of those trainers out there that I truly admire, and finally I let them know that there isn’t one formula or career track that you can follow to reach the goal of “trainer”... Full Story
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Featured News
Md. to make emergency workers' radios compatible

On Thursday, Gov. O'Malley announced plans for a statewide communications initiative to coordinate state and local emergency responders. The plan involves building a 700 MHz communications system. (AP Photo)

DAYTON, Md. — Gov. Martin O'Malley today announced a plan to make sure all radios used by fire, police and other emergency workers in the state are compatible.

The new system, which officials estimate will take five to eight years to develop, is designed to overcome the kind of incompatibility among local and state communications systems that bedeviled emergency workers responding to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. O'Malley said establishing statewide interoperable communications has been a priority for his administration ... Full Story

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P1 Video Training Tip
Mental Preparation

In today’s PoliceOne Video Tip, Senior Street Survival Seminar Instructor Dave Smith discusses the importance of mental preparation.

In addition to exploring ways in which you can effectively and productively use visualization to help you win dangerous encounters, Dave points out mental mistakes you can make that will actually work against you ... Watch this tip

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News and Announcements
Press Release:
Presynct Technologies, Inc. Introduces Presynct_DictaTrans
[Presynct Technologies, Inc.]

Indy officer shot serving warrant
[Indianapolis, IN]

Off-duty Ohio ‘supercop’ kills robber
[Cleveland, OH]

NYPD’s parking bust bags 1,000 cops
[New York, NY]

Dad uses toddler as shield against TASER
[Laporte, IL]

Retiring cop suspended for wrong uniform
[New Orleans, LA]

Dallas cops find $400,000 worth of cocaine in cruiser
[Dallas, TX]
P1 Member Photo of the Week

Old Colony Special Operations Group is a local group of dedicated officers that serves six towns for high risk warrants.
Submitted by: Lt. Willard Boulter, Pembroke (MA) PD
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News and Announcements

Press Release:
Decatur Electronics Hosts "How It’s Made" Film Crew
[Decatur Electronics]

Wife fires gun at Fla. police chief
[Fort Lauderdale, FL]

Atlanta courthouse shooting trial set to open
[Atlanta, GA]

Gang activity increases on Calif. isle
[Avalon, CA]

Police tattoo bans called 'unreasonable'
[Des Moines, IA]

PoliceOne Member
Comment of the Week

"I eat at our local McDonalds all the time even though I have arrested nearly all the workers. I have never noticed anything sticky in my burgers,
but then again I take
big bites and eat fast."

Member comment to article:
Watch what you eat...literally
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