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Week 398
August 11, 2008

Editor's Note:

We're pleased to announce the addition of Girard “Jerry” Bradshaw, CEO and Training Director for Tarheel Canine Training, to our growing roster of writers. Jerry's articles will focus on K-9 issues, tactics, and training techniques. Jerry is consultant to various police agencies for K-9 training and deployment and is a co-founding director of the National Tactical Police Dog Association, which applies scenario-based principles found in the Protection Sports Association (which he also co-founded) to the certification of police dogs.

Check out his debut article, which was adapted from his upcoming book, Controlled Aggression in Theory & Practice.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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10-8: Life on the Line
A 'five percenter' mindset in action
Most survival stories focus on a single officer’s heroic battle to prevail against life-threatening odds. This one is about a remarkable team effort, driven by a young sergeant’s textbook personification of supervisory excellence. At risk: the life of a five-year street cop, cut down by what “should” have been a mortal wound from the gun of a murder suspect at the violent end of a foot pursuit ... Full Story
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ITT Announces Authorized Distributor and Product Enhancements

ITT Night Vision recently announced Morovision Night Vision as its authorized distributor of the Night Enforcer® NEPVS-14 for law enforcement, which now comes equipped with ITT’s proprietary Pinnacle® thin-filmed tube technology.

For more information call (800) 448-8678, visit www.nightvision.com/aroundtheclock or e-mail nvsales@itt.com.
Featured News
Police ready for first 'Texas 7' execution

Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins was killed in Dec. 2000 by Michael Rodriguez, a member of the "Texas 7" prison escapees. Rodriguez is set to become the first of the six surviving convicts to be executed on August 14th. (AP Photo)

LIVINGSTON, Texas — Michael Rodriguez remembers the exhilaration of newfound freedom as he rode in the back of a stolen truck, knowing he and six of his fellow convicts had staged an improbably successful escape from a maximum security Texas prison.

Then he recalls seeing his photo on national TV and grasping the reality that their grandiose Hollywood-style plan to rob a Nevada casino had gone terribly awry. He and his fellow fugitives were being hunted everywhere as the killers of a suburban Dallas police officer, Aubrey Hawkins ... Full Story

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Duration: 02:00

Type: P1TV Original
Duration: 13:38
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Sponsored by ETGI

ETGI Brings Bluetooth Wireless Cellular Connectivity to Existing Crisis Response Systems

Attention hostage/crisis Negotiators: Increase the number of ways that your team can communicate with a barricaded subject with new cellular technologies offered by Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI). ETGI now offers multiple solutions that bring Bluetooth® Wireless Cellular Connectivity to your team’s existing Crisis Communications/Throw Phone System.

Visit www.etgi.us (PDF) for more information.
P1 Tactical Tip
Don't forget your dispatchers!

In today’s PoliceOne tactical tip, Street Survival Seminar Instructor Betsy Smith discusses the critical role dispatchers play in effective policing and shares several recommendations for ensuring that these sometimes under-recognized professionals are being fully utilized, appropriately trained and thoroughly included as part of the “team”... Read full tip

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P1 Exclusive: Questionable justice

Teens charged with murder in death of off-duty sheriff's deputy

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NY cop caught on video pushing bicyclist

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Texas border agents convictions upheld
News and Announcements

Press Release:

Death and Officer-Involved Shootings Program Offered by OpTac International
[OpTac International]

The crucial role of the decoy in K-9 training
[Sanford, NC]

SWAT team kills man, rescues daughter
[Lynwood, CA]

Riots in Montreal, officer shot after police kill man
[Montreal, Canada]

Mexican soldiers enter Arizona, briefly hold U.S. Border Agent
[Tucson, AZ]

International Police Photo of the Day

Pakistani police officers stand guard at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. (AP Photo)

Visit the P1 International LE section

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When an exposure has occurred, response time is critical to lower your chance of becoming infected. In cases of exposure, you need a product that works effectively and is safe to use anywhere. With MyClyns™ a whole new standard of care is available to protect you in the field when and where you need it. MyClyns™ is a protective spray in an easy-to-use convenient pen-like device that allows you to protect yourself immediately after an exposure while you are still attending to your care recipient.

Visit www.myclyns.com for more information.
News and Announcements
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  • Street Survival Seminar by Calibre Press,
    Sept 23-24, Harrisburg, PA

    Featured Degree Program:

  • Northcentral University—B.B.A, M.B.A., Ph.D. with Specialization in Criminal Justice

    Featured Job:

    Title: Police Officer

    Dept: Houlton PD, ME

    Salary: $30,000 annual (entry level)

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  • Take Your Career to the Next Level
    A promotion, higher salary and a specialized field like SWAT or CSI are all within your reach. Check out hundreds of LEO degree programs, get free scholarship information and execute your plan for a successful career in law enforcement today ...
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    CSI S.W.A.T. FBI
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    Special Deals on Smith & Wesson Handcuffs

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