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Week 398
Aug. 13, 2008

Editor's Note:

Although depictions of federal agents on television – like Jack Bauer on 24 – are often wildly inaccurate, there are exciting careers at nearly 100 federal law enforcement agencies where agents investigate everything from robbery and murder to postal fraud and terrorism.

If you want to join the ranks of the Secret Service, FBI, or State Department you can start by learning about the educational requirements and potential salary in our new Federal Agent Guide.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

Learn how to land these jobs with an increased salary:

Detective ($76K)

SWAT ($61K)

FBI ($60K)

CSI ($53K)

US Marshal ($47K)
P1 Exclusive
Tenn. Sgt. inspires, educates fellow officers with survivor story
Metro Police Sergeant Brenda Steinbrecher is the epitome of a survivor. In her 24-year career as a police officer in Nashville, Steinbrecher has overcome three potentially life-threatening situations and returned to work after each horrific episode. Steinbrecher recently became the Metro Nashville Police Department’s first woman to receive the prestigious Theodore Roosevelt Association Police Award, an honor given to officers who have rendered outstanding and praiseworthy service to the department and community ... Full Story
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Featured News
Thief confesses, makes 'police training' video

Ricardo Caveda, right, is shown with his attorney Mark Bledstein. Caveda, a confessed burglar who stole about $16 million in property, including a Degas painting, made a police training video showing how he pulled off his crimes. (AP Photo)

LOS ANGELES — A confessed burglar described by police as one of the most prolific thieves in Los Angeles history was resentenced Tuesday to 7 1/2 years in prison after making a police training video showing how he stole about $16 million in property, including a Degas painting.

In an effort to win the slightly reduced sentence, Ignacio DelRio, also known as Ricardo Caveda, also drew a map that led police to some $400,000 worth of stolen goods he had buried under a San Fernando Valley freeway overpass ... Full Story

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Video News

'Officers in Trouble' News Interview

P1 Tactical Tip
Keeping a low profile at the corner store

In today's P1 tactical tip, a member shares an important reminder about preparing others to avoid immediately blowing your cover should you walk in on a crime in progress... in essence, "training" them to resist a reflex reaction to ID you as a cop and inadvertently put you behind the tactical eight ball ... Read full tip

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News and Announcements

Press Release:
WatchGuard Video Introduces a New Mounting Kit for the Chevrolet Tahoe
[WatchGuard Video]

Off-duty Chicago cop critically wounded
[Chicago, IL]

Fla. officer quits after beating video released
[Palm Beach, FL]

Former Okla. sheriff faces 35 felony counts
[Arapaho, OK]

Calif. cops save woman dangling from freeway
[Laguna Hills, CA]

Dallas cop with no car is routine
[Dallas, TX]

International Police Photo of the Day

Federal police officers stand on guard in a street of Tijuana, Mexico, where inspectors have raided 15 pharmacies searching for counterfeit drugs. (AP Photo)

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News and Announcements
Press Release:
Gould & Goodrich Teams Up With the Tennessee Department of Safety
[Gould & Goodrich]

NYPD to photograph all vehicles in Manhattan
[New York, NY]

Ohio prisoner transfer raises questions
[Columbus, OH]

The art, science of dissecting a crash scene
[Boston, MA]

Stroke kills Md. SWAT unit commander
[Baltimore, MD]

PoliceOne Forum
Comment of the Week

"A guy broke into a flower shop and stole a whole pickup load of floral arrangements and cut flowers. Responding officers followed the trail of flower and rose pedals for 3/4 of a mile to his residence, then a few more blocks to his girlfriends house!"

Member commenting about following strange evidence to nab criminals.

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    Title: Deputy Sheriff
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