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Week 399
August 18, 2008

Editor's Note:

Check out the latest selection of real-life inspired fiction from the novel S.W.A.T.: Blue Knights in Black Armor by Lt. Dan Marcou. In related news, we'd like to welcome Dan to the PoliceOne roster of writers; Dan will be writing articles and tips related to SWAT techniques and training.

PoliceOne will continue to provide excerpts from this and other works — officer-authored fiction, autobiographies, analysis, etc. — from the ever-expanding PoliceOne library. If you missed the first installment of Dan's series of book excerpts, you can check that out here.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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10-8: Life on the Line
An officer goes down...and the "five percenter" mindset kicks in
Part 1 of this exclusive series described the critical wounding of Ofcr. Jason Fishburn of the Indianapolis Metro Police Dept., who was shot in the head last month (7/08) during a foot pursuit. Fishburn was found, still clinging to life, by fellow officers, including Sgt. Rick Snyder. Here's how a strong adherence to the five percenter style of policing excellence proved itself at the scene and beyond ... Full Story
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Featured News
Ariz. cops ditch codes for 'plain English'

In another move to facilitate communication with other agencies, Michigan State Police began using a digital radio system so that emergency officials can easily reach outside counties. [State trooper Carissa Schneider pictured above] (AP Photo)
MESA, Ariz. — For Mesa police officers, it's back to plain talk. The day of using codes on police radio channels in Mesa is coming to an end. In early August, officers and dispatchers began phasing out the use of police codes and simply speaking in plain English.

The main reason for the change is to improve communication with other agencies because other Valley agencies often have different codes than Mesa, Detective Steve Berry said. "The things we say on the radio in code may be very different and cause confusion and potentially put someone in a hazardous situation, and by going to plain language we hope to reduce that," Berry said ... Full Story

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P1 Tactical Tip
Stay hydrated

Although you may not think of water as a major tool in helping you stay mentally and physically prepared to perform effectively on the street, today's P1 tactical tip from Street Survival Seminar Instructor Betsy Smith, points out the myriad (and possibly surprising) ways you lose liquid and the importance of maintaining sufficient fluid levels ... Read full tip

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NYPD sued for handcuffing a 10-year-old girl

Teen killed after hitting cops with bat

Are small pot busts taking cops away from "important" work? What do you think?

Fla. officer quits after beating video released

Police seize guns, ammo under new law

N.C. police 'acted appropriately' in video
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Press Release:
EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. Receives $2.0 Million Order from DHS
[EF Johnson Technologies, Inc.]

Man charged in slaying of Chicago cop
[Chicago, IL]

N.H. cop killed in motorcycle crash
[Hopkinton, NH]

Utah cop collapses, dies during traffic stop
[Provo, UT]

Fla. officer, gunman shot during pursuit
[Boynton Beach, FL]

Ex-Ga. deputy charged in 2 deaths
[DeKalb County, GA]

International Police Photo of the Day

Iraqi policemen patrol a cemetery in Najaf, Iraq, to counter the threat of bomb attacks as pilgrims visit to pray over the graves of relatives. (AP Photo)

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