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Week 399
August 22, 2008
Weinblatt's Tips
What law enforcement can learn from the Caylee Anthony story
Among the lessons we can take from the Caylee Anthony missing child case is the fact that if law enforcement agencies and experts do not interact with the media, other, less responsible parties will step in and fill the void. This incident proves once again that it is incumbent upon us as professionals in the field to fill up that airtime with responsible information ... Full Story
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Featured News
Secret Service's job: Secure political conventions

The upcoming presidential conventions present special security challenges for Secret Service officers, including terrorist threats and convention riots. (AP Photo)

WASHINGTON — Every day the Secret Service thinks: Today could be THE day.

That's the sober mind-set going into the presidential conventions — both of which present special security challenges for this legendary agency in the throes of the longest political campaign in history.

These will be the second set of conventions since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. But, perhaps surprisingly to outsiders, al-Qaida is not the leading concern. Not that the terrorism potential is being overlooked ... Full Story

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P1 Member Photo of the Week
"Do you know why I stopped you today?"

Submitted by: Officer Nick Wright, City of Dayton
Airport Police Division

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P1 Video Training Tip
Chokes and Releases

Strength is good but leverage is better. While there are many successful pushing and pulling techniques that rely on strength for getting an assailant’s hands off your throat, today's P1 video tip features “Little Joe” Ferrera talking about how using leverage – no matter what your size – is often the preferred method to keep the upper hand and release yourself from a choke hold ... Watch this tip

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News and Announcements

Press Release:
Perfection Uniforms Continues Technological Leadership
[Perfection Uniforms]

Student killed in Tenn. school shooting
[Knoxville, TN]

Santa Ana police launch gang crackdown
[Santa Ana, CA]

Omaha cop critically wounded in shooting
[Omaha, NE]

Details emerge in death of Fla. officer
[Fort Myers, FL]

Handcuffed man steals cruiser, evades police
[Minneapolis, MN]

International Police Photo of the Day

Japanese officers search for a monkey that appeared inside Tokyo Railway Toyoko Line's Shibuya Station and eventually escaped. (AP Photo)

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News and Announcements
Press Release:
BLACKHAWK! Dynamic Entry Introduces the Latest in Entry Rams, the Special Operations Entry Ram

Ill. deputy honored for bravery in shooting
[Edwardsville, IL]

Former La. cop arraigned in TASER death
[New Orleans, LA]

Calif. man with bombs 'ready for war'
[Yreka, CA]

Ohio police fund new TVs with drug money
[Columbus, OH]

PoliceOne Member
Comment of the Week

"HOLY ARSENAL BATMAN!!! Thank God for an alert bail bondsman who saw this guy looking suspicious and the quick reactions of the cop who had to initially deal with this guy."

Member comment to article:
Calif. man with bombs 'ready for war'
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