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Editor's Note:

This week marks a milestone in the PoliceOne organization. It’s our 400th consecutive week of delivering the PoliceOne newsletter to law enforcement worldwide. We want to thank all of you who have been – and continue to be – the driving force behind our tremendous growth. We’ve seen lots of changes during this span of time, but one thing has been constant: you.

Going forward, we’ll bring you new tools and resources to help keep you safe, as we remain as committed to serving you as you are to serving our nation. Be well, do good, go get ‘em.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

Street Survival Insights
PoliceOne Newsletter: 400 weeks and still going strong...
Technology is both a blessing and a curse. We aging crimefighters remember a time when having a portable radio was an officer safety luxury, you had to find a pay phone to have a private chat with dispatch, and any roll call information that came from outside of your own agency arrived via something called a teletype, or it came in the mail…yes, the mail ... Full Story
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CAD Mapping from Larimore

Larimore Associates’ CAD Mapping provides a visual representation of the dispatcher’s area of responsibility, delivering critical information that allows them to respond efficiently to emergency situations. Phase I and II wireless compliant, our mapping application provides multiple layers for displaying extensive information related to each incident call. ESRI certified for standard GIS formats.

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Featured News
Q&A about the DNC with Denver PD chief

Police patrol outside the barricades surrounding the site of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Officials are gearing up for heavy protesting and possible riots as the convention begins. (AP Photo)
DENVER — Gerry Whitman has been chief of the Denver Police Department since 2000. He has repeatedly declined to discuss what equipment or tactics police might use during the convention, but he recently answered a few questions by e-mail from Denver Post staff writer Christopher N. Osher:

Q: What will be the Denver Police Department's responsibilities during the Democratic National Convention?

A: To work with the United States Secret Service and other federal, state and local law enforcement to provide security to DNC venues ... Full Story

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Sponsored by DEPO

DEPO provides cost-saving procurement, financing, leasing and auction services that enable state and local governments to save money, reduce budget shortfalls, reduce the costs of providing basic services and control the rising costs of public safety. Learn how to save money on items such as fuel, vehicles, and other high-ticket items.

For more information visit www.depo.org.
P1 Tactical Tip
Keep your pockets quiet

In today's P1 tactical tip, a member explains how avoiding one simple, everyday action can help you stay stealth and prevent suspects from literally tracking your every step ... Read full tip

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Most Commented Articles
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This past week's most commented stories:

Texas cop disciplined over traffic stop involving dying dog

Ariz. cops ditch codes for 'plain English'

Calif. city considers charging for police calls

Texas school district OKs pistols for staff

An officer goes down...and the 'five percenter' mindset kicks in

N.J. police stockpile assault weapons
News and Announcements

Press Release:
FNH USA Receives Award from NRA

Family, friends mourn N.J. officer
[Perth Amboy, NJ]

Eight inmates escape from N.M. jail
[Clovis, NM]

Ga. man bites cop, says he is HIV-positive
[Atlanta, GA]

Maine man killed by police following standoff
[South Portland, ME]

Ex-Mich. officer gets life in prison for murder
[Grand Haven, MI]

International Police Photo of the Day

French police return to their base after they participated in an avalanche rescue on the Mont Blanc du Tacul in Chamonix, France. (AP Photo)

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News and Announcements
Career and Training Opportunities
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  • Colt 1911 Pistol Armorer by NRA (LE Activities Division), Sept 11, Fairfax, VA

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    Title: Police Officers

    Dept: South Lake Tahoe PD, CA

    Salary: $22.19 hourly (entry level)

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  • Take Your Career to the Next Level
    A promotion, higher salary and a specialized field like SWAT or CSI are all within your reach. Check out hundreds of LEO degree programs, get free scholarship information and execute your plan for a successful career in law enforcement today ...
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    CSI S.W.A.T. FBI
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