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Week 406
October 10, 2008

Editor's Note:

Check out the exclusive audio excerpt of Chuck Remsberg reading from his excellent new book, Blood Lessons. You’ll hear about one officer's trial by fire — and when you read the book, you’ll learn about more than 20 other officers’ gripping, life-changing incidents.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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P1 Exclusive
"Where you from?"

Gang graffiti marks a border between 'Bloods' and 'Florence 13' territory in L.A., but gang members also mark their territory verbally with the question: "Where you from?" PoliceOne looks at what you should know about this telling phrase. (AP Photo)

As a child growing up, the question, “Where you from?” was the usual conversation starter for me when traveling across the United States my with mom, dad, and younger brother. In the South it sounded more like, “Where y’all from?” Nowadays, that simple question can initiate a lethal assault against the person being asked.

In the city of Los Angeles, there are 400 known street gangs, with 41,000 documented members. In my patrol division alone we have 37 known street gangs, as well as several other gang cliques and “tagger” crews ... Full Story

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Featured News
Police departments to trade in 'gas hogs'

Agencies normally seek cars with powerful engines, strong suspensions and back seats big enough to haul away criminals, but high gas prices have forced police to pay closer attention to fuel economy. (AP Photo)

LAUDERHILL, Fla. — Last year at this time, Mike Cochran, assistant chief of the Lauderhill, Fla., police department, was driving a Ford Crown Victoria cruiser that he says got about 14 miles per gallon.

Now, as municipalities count every penny amid the economic crisis, he drives a four-cylinder Chevrolet Malibu that, according the Environmental Protection Agency, gets about 30 mpg on the highway. A number of law enforcement agencies across the USA also are chasing better fuel economy ... Full Story

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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Marijuana Bust

Submitted by: Tina Harvey, Marble Falls (TX) PD

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P1 Video Training Tip
Self talk

In today's P1 video tactical tip, trainer Brian Willis discusses the power of self talk, both positive and negative. He urges officers to increase their utilization of positive self talk and to identify and erradicate negative self talk in an effort to improve performance ... Watch this tip

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News and Announcements

Press Release:
Ocean Systems Awarded CEDAP Contract for 100 dTective Forensic Video Clarification Systems
[Ocean Systems]

Ga. officer hit, killed while directing traffic
[Watkinsville, GA]

Police, firefighters shot at in Ky. house fire
[Independence, KY]

Chicago cops use new tactic; seize drug house
[Chicago, IL]

Gangs blamed in half of San Diego homicides
[San Diego, CA]

Court: Search violated N.Y. woman's rights
[New York, NY]

International Police Photo of the Day

William Johnny Tamayo Hernandez, wanted on drug trafficking charges, is guarded by police in Panama. (AP Photo)

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News and Announcements
Press Release:
Testimonial from Kansas Highway Patrol Lt Says Advantage Goes To TigerLight®

Fla. SWAT shooting details released
[Broward, FL]

Boy kills himself with mother's police gun
[San Juan, Puerto Rico]

Senators push for immigration raid guidelines
[Newark, NJ]

Texas Border Coalition says fence not needed
[Austin, TX]

PoliceOne Member
Comment of the Week

"This is what it is all about! You have made such a huge difference in those kids' lives, as well as everybody that knows the story or has seen the video. I was already proud to wear the uniform, you guys have made me even MORE proud ... Stay safe, protect each other and keep doing what you do! Proud to call you brother!"
Member comment to article:
Police work not always about the bad guys
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