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Week 410
Nov. 3, 2008

Editor's Note:

Because record numbers of people are expected to vote tomorrow, police around the country are reportedly taking “crowd-control precautions” and increasing security at polling stations “to keep things running smoothly.”

We at PoliceOne extend our deepest gratitude to those officers working to ensure a safe and successful election day and encourage all of our members to cast their vote.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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Lessons Learned: The Power of History
Cover officer: Person or position?
Studies have shown that the majority of officers assaulted and injured were assaulted in the presence of other officers. What transpires between the officer and his or her backup? Who is doing what and when? Better yet, who’s not doing what? There are several contributing factors which might help to explain these assaults ... Full Story
Featured News
Police prepare for election night

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, Cindy McCain, and Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain greet emergency responders on the anniversary of 9/11. (AP Photo)

CHICAGO — Chicago authorities are bracing for as many as a million people in downtown Grant Park Tuesday night to cheer on Barack Obama as election returns come in, a potential celebration and security headache.

Police in Chicago and elsewhere around the country say intense interest in the election and the possibility of large crowds in major cities are leading them to take crowd-control precautions usually seen during Super Bowls and World Series. In addition, local police will be providing security at polling stations to keep things running smoothly on Election Day ... Full Story
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P1 Tactical Tip
Check the back seat

Today's P1 tactical tip is a reminder that the back seat of your squad can be a prime spot for offenders to ditch weapons or contraband that may have been unintentionally overlooked during a search ... Read tip

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ELSAG North America Unveils 43% Smaller Camera and Robust New Operations Center for its MPH-900®
[ELSAG North America]

Man who killed St. Louis officer at large
[St. Louis, MO]

Ill. officer collapses, dies during struggle
[Chicago, IL]

Teen boys indicted in Ariz. officer's death
[Buckeye, AZ]

Man who killed off duty officer isn't sorry
[Vallejo, CA]

Utah officer in surgery after crash
[Bountiful, UT]

International Police Photo of the Day

Emergency services gather at a demonstration in Copenhagen where Danish police say 15 people were arrested and two officers injured. (AP Photo)

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