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Week 415
Dec. 12, 2008

Editor's Note:

A news item posted this morning to PoliceOne said that new technology from GM’s OnStar could “slam the brakes on high-speed police chases.” While it’s an admirable goal to avert the possibility for injury to uninvolved citizens on the highways, there will always be a need for good guys to pursue bad guys. One of the more interesting new pieces of technology that the PoliceOne team saw at this year's IACP Conference in San Diego was the Defender lightbar from Code 3, which the company says is the “brightest, most advanced lightbar available.” Send us an email to tip us off to the hottest new police technology you’re using.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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Law Enforcement Firearms
Where did all the bullets go?
Not long ago, the New York Times carried an article that revealed one of law enforcement’s deepest, darkest secrets. Though most agencies are loathe to admit it (and some do not even track it), the vast majority of the bullets police officers fire in the line of duty miss their intended target. I was not surprised to find striking similarity in the results reported by Los Angeles on the left coast and New York City on the right ... Full Story
Featured News
Emerging technology may halt police pursuits

Virginia Beach-based StarChase is field-testing a Pursuit Management System that fires projectiles to stick on a fleeing vehicle targeted by laser, enabling police to track it by GPS. (AP Photo)

COLUMBUS , Ohio — Emerging technology could soon slam the brakes on high-speed police chases, which kill hundreds and injure thousands every year.

OnStar, the unit behind General Motors' GPS-based in-vehicle security system, offers Stolen Vehicle Slowdown technology: An OnStar operator can send a signal to a vehicle, restricting its fuel and slowing it to 3-5 mph. The technology is available on about 1 million 2009 GM vehicles ... Full Story

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The revolutionary new BONE-MIC headset will be of special interest to SWAT, Fire, Hazmat and Special Forces. A remarkable new technology makes a headset that has MIC intelligibility comparable to boom microphones. The entire microphone and receiver are incorporated into an earmold. The headset accommodates gas masks or SCBA breathers.

Visit www.swatheadsets.com for more details.

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LSI in partnership with the FBI-LEEDA organization has put together a class specifically for the Law Enforcement community. Methods of Entry is designed to familiarize you with the tools and techniques used by today’s criminals to gain entry through locked doors. Offensive entry techniques for police are also addressed. For more than 50 years, LSI has been the nation’s leading educational facility for technical and security education.

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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Racing with the Future

Photo submitted by
David B. Cerer, Lake Forest (IL) PD

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P1 Video Training Tip
Striking with the Baton
in a Combat Situation

Officers throughout the nation are taught to strike the thigh and the common peroneal nerve when engaging a subject with a baton in a close quarter combat situation. Because striking that area is difficult under high stress, instructor Robert Hindi explains that there are several alternative target areas to consider ... Full tip

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News and Announcements

Press Release:
Strix Systems International Expansion Plus Strategic Investment
[Strix Systems]
[St. Louis, MO]

Calif. man gets 40 years for beating officers
[Hayward, CA]

Vigil held for Houston officer shot in head
[Houston, TX]

Former drug agents get 6 years for aiding trafficking group
[Albuquerque, NM]

Mich. sheriff's deputy hit man while driving transport van, kept going
[Kalamazoo, MI]

International Police Photo of the Day

Police question a woman at a control barrier in Brussels. Police say they have detained 14 suspects with links to al-Qaida. (AP Photo)

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Bowling Green State University's Master of Science in Criminal Justice, delivered fully online, has established itself as one of the most valuable programs of its kind in North America. It is designed to help you accelerate success in your career by providing the knowledge and skills that are needed in today's dynamic and complex criminal justice environment.

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News and Announcements
Press Release:
Grady County Emergency Responders Receive Equipment Donation from BAE Systems
[BAE Systems]

Blue lights honor LEOs this holiday season
[Washington, DC]

Discipline for off duty conduct varies greatly
[Sandy, UT]

Local Tenn. cops crack cocaine rings
[Chattanooga, TN]

Greek police officers ordered to jail for teen's death
[Athens, Greece]

PoliceOne Member
Comment of the Week

"This article says it all:
'Kids who graduate high school are less likely to commit crimes.' We don't typically think of early education as a crime-prevention strategy, but it absolutely is."

Member comment to article:
Tenn. police reach out to kids
to prevent violence
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Street Crimes Seminar by John E. Reid & Associates, Inc., Jan 20-22, Wichita, KS

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