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Week 423
February 2, 2009

Editor's Note:

The PoliceOne team was out in force at this year's SHOT Show in Orlando last month. Check out our special coverage page for an overview of this huge and very successful event. Be sure to watch exclusive PoliceOneTV interviews featuring top companies introducing and explaining some exciting new products that will help make you safer and more effective.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

Featured News
911 "swatting" puts police, civilians at risk

A new kind of telephone fraud exploits a weakness in the way the 911 system handles calls from Internet-based phone services. The attacks - called "swatting" because armed police SWAT teams usually respond - are virtually unstoppable. (AP Photo)

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Doug Bates and his wife, Stacey, were in bed around 10 p.m., their 2-year-old daughters asleep in a nearby room. Suddenly they were shaken awake by the wail of police sirens and the rumble of a helicopter above their suburban Southern California home. A criminal must be on the loose, they thought.

Bates got up to lock the doors and grabbed a knife. A beam from a flashlight hit him. He peeked into the backyard. A swarm of police, assault rifles drawn, ordered him out of the house ... Full Story
Featured Column
We do not have to move ten feet each time we move- ten inches might be enough. The critical thing is to move off the line of attack! I’m not talking here about shooting on the move, either forward or backward. I’m talking about a simple, single step, maybe laterally, maybe aggressing forward or slightly back from an opponent. This seems, at first glance, to be a no-brainer; it’s harder to hit a moving object than a stationary one ... Full Story
Sponsored by U.S. Armor

U.S. Armor recommends that body armor be worn when qualifying or other training involves any type of firearm, whether it is a "training weapon" or not. Scenario-based training is designed to provide as much of a "real world" experience as possible, which should include vest wear to acclimate the trainee to performing all mission activities while wearing armor.

For more details, visit www.usarmor.com.

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Sponsored by Boston University

Boston University's Master of Criminal Justice program, delivered fully online, has established itself as the largest course of its kind in North America. It is designed to help you advance in your career by providing the knowledge and skills you need to excel in today's dynamic and complex criminal justice environment.

For more information, visit www.cjdegree.info.
P1 Tactical Tip
"Little stuff" can make a huge difference

Today's P1 tactical tip is an important reminder that after a critical incident, what you do and say to a fellow officer — even "small" things — can have a tremendous impact on their well-being and their ability to navigate the difficult waters of post-incident experiences ... Full tip

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Most Commented Articles
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P1 Exclusive: Iron Pigs and the challenge to the
off duty carry law: more about what really

Undercover Fla. cop shot 4 times by teen

NM police who failed to respond to emergency
calls pay $685K

Supreme Court: Passengers can be frisked

Man shot, killed after hitting officer with car
News and Announcements

Press Release:
Ridge Outdoors Unveils the Air-Tac™ Plus
[Ridge Outdoors]

N.Y. officer fighting for his life after being shot in the head
[Rochester, NY]

Off duty LAPD officer shot in front of home
[Los Angeles, CA]

Obama stimulus plan includes billions for cops
[Washington, DC]

Use of force incidents put Denver police in spotlight; complaints down 13.6 percent
[Atlanta, GA]

Boston police accused of inappropriate behavior at suspect's home
[Boston, MA]

International Police Photo of the Day

After holding three police officers and a soldier (left) hostage since 2007, Colombia's FARC rebels finally allowed them to return home. (AP Photo)

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Lehigh Capital Access can help your department get the equipment it needs! Since 1979, the employees of Lehigh Capital Access have provided municipal lease financing services throughout the United States and Indian Nations on both a taxable and tax free basis. More and more finance and purchasing officers are learning about the lease/purchase method and are recognizing the unique benefits.

Learn more by visiting www.lehighcapitalaccess.com.
News and Announcements
Career and Training Opportunities
Featured Training Course:

Death and Officer-Involved Shootings Program by OpTac International, March 19-20, Hagerstown, MD

Featured Degree Program:

Northcentral University—B.B.A, M.B.A., Ph.D. with Specialization in Criminal Justice-100% Online

Featured Job:

Title: Patrol Officer

Dept: Washington PD, MO

Salary: $34,182 annual

Learn more and apply!

Take Your Career to the Next Level
A promotion, higher salary and a specialized field like SWAT or CSI are all within your reach. Check out hundreds of LEO degree programs, get free scholarship information and execute your plan for a successful career in law enforcement today ...
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Fenix TK10 Premium Lumen LED Flashlight
Save $16.49 Until March 1st

from Maxpedition Hard-use Gear

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(888) 765-4231
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