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Week 434
April 22, 2009

Editor's Note:

After a car crash, Trooper Matthew Swartz awoke from a coma and realized that he no longer had a lower left leg. A year and a half later, Swartz became the first New York State Police Trooper to resume "full and strenuous duty" with an amputated limb, and has now been named Athlete of the Month by the 2011 World Police and Fire Games.

Check out the article about Trooper Swartz and the book excerpt from Chuck Remsberg’s Blood Lessons for more on his story of survival. 

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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Featured News
Supreme Court limits warrantless vehicle searches

(AP Photo)

The Supreme Court ruled that police need a warrant to search the vehicle of someone they have arrested if the person is locked up in a cruiser and poses no threat to officers. The court's decision puts new limits on the ability of police to search a vehicle immediately after the arrest of a suspect. Justice John Paul Stevens said in the majority opinion that warrantless searches still may be conducted if a car's passenger compartment is within reach of a suspect who has been removed from the vehicle ... Full Story
PoliceOne Analysis: Arizona v. Gant
The Arizona v. Gant decision was released Tuesday as I was speaking to a group of court staff, attorneys, and law enforcement officers. One officer showed me a bulletin from his agency that suggested that the search incident to arrest doctrine was no longer valid. Several officers had news stories suggesting that there could no longer be a search incident to arrest of a vehicle. While troubling for officers, the Gant holding is not nearly so broad ... Full Column
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Tips for "keeping it together" after a bad call
P1 Exclusive
If you've kept up on the news recently, you've read about some seriously horrendous incidents that cops are dealing with, such as the beheading of a little girl. In this article, we explore "emotional first aid" tips you can use to help stabilize yourself and your family after you’ve dealt with a really bad call ... Full Column
News and Announcements

Wisc. man who fired on police sentenced to 48 years

Ride-along Explorer Scout rescues Calif. deputy

N.M. pathologist rules cop's death an accident

Fla. police launch first paragliding search team

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Video News

Fla. considers banning tax for police response

Officer saves man
P1 Tactical Tip
Let them think the chopper is gone

In today's PoliceOne tactical training tip, P1 Aviation Columnist Ken Solosky shares strategies that air and ground units can use to increase combined effectiveness in locating fleeing suspects who hide when they hear air support arrive ... Full tip

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News and Announcements

Police concerned about rise in family slayings

Pa. officer: Videotaped remarks were embellished

N.Y., Penn. consider body armor sale restrictions

Va. police facing lawsuits over nude pictures

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