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Week 441
June 12, 2009
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Editor's Note:

The P1 First Person series is a little like the opinion page in your local newspaper. Here, PoliceOne Members (and occasionally our columnists) candidly share their own unique cop’s-eye-view of the world. This is a platform from which individual officers can share their own personal insights on issues confronting cops today, as well as opinions, observations, and advice on living life behind the thin blue line.

This is a place for you, our members, to have your voice heard, so e-mail us your story.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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PoliceOne Exclusive
It’s a gray (-haired) area
P1 Exclusive
Video of a noncompliant 72-year-old great grandmother became the Internet’s hottest sensation this week. From a cursory review of the reactions and commentary on this thing, some of the news headlines should have been: "Police officer tases Mother Teresa." Let’s step back and use this video as Rorschach test for dealing with exactly this type of force scenario. How you come down on this video says a lot about several things ... Full column
Featured News
Suspects in deadly Philly crash had records, outstanding warrants

Featured News
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey looks over the scene. (AP Photo)

PHILADELPHIA — The young men, stepbrothers, had criminal histories and outstanding arrest warrants. In less than 15 minutes, 18-year-old Donta Cradock and 20-year-old Ivan Rodriguez graduated from stealing a motorcycle to murder.

The vehicle they were driving — in an attempt to evade police — jumped a curb, smashed into a crowd, and ended the lives of a young mother, 22-year-old Latoya Smith, and three children, each of whom was younger than 10 ... Full article
In May, Decatur created discounted packages to coincide with grant distribution. Now, they've extended the offer, making the packages available to all law enforcement through June due to high demand. Packages include:

• Digital in car video: $2,699

• Digital video & radar: $3,499

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News and Announcements
St. Louis police chief calls for new HQ

Maine town considers policing options

N.H. trooper appeals firing

Pa. town settles with former police chief

Former N.M. police chief gets probation

Press Release:
Gould & Goodrich Introduces Improved Phoenix Duty Nylon Accessories
[Gould & Goodrich]
PoliceOne First Person
P1 First Person Deputy Bill Fogarty says mentoring helps to bridge the knowledge gap between young cops and officers nearing retirement.

PoliceOne is looking for well-written first person perspectives from our members.

E-mail us your short article.

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Trainer's reflection: Who is it really all about?
P1 Exclusive
There is a fine line between being a role model and being arrogant. If you are teaching a police fitness class, it’s okay to use your "I-lost-a-hundred-pounds-through-diet-and-exercise" story to inspire them, but it’s a bit over the top to regale them with a list of all the marathons you’ve run since. A good trainer uses the classroom (or the range or the mat) not to showcase their own skills and abilities, but to transfer that confidence and competence to their students ... Full column
This helmet is the answer for the officer demanding the best. The RJ Platinum-LE is the top of the line in a lightweight, durable full-coverage helmet. Featuring Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+), a hybrid combination of high performance organic and strong glass fibers. The result is a lightweight and sturdy shell.

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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Near-fatal cruiser crash

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P1 Video Training Tip
Interrogation techniques

P1 Video Tip In today’s video tip, Wayne Hoover advises officers to ask a simple opening question before interrogation that may yield surprising results from the suspect. Watch what happens when you say: "Do you know why you're here today?" Watch tip

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The Wolverine DM is the most cutting edge tactical jacket on the market today:

• Enhanced ballistic coverage area

• External weight support system with 5”x8” plate pockets accommodate 8 additional inches of adjustment

• Rifle strap retention system with polyurethane coating

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News and Announcements
Utah town weighs proposals on policing

Chicago officer may face prison in wheelchair beating

N.J. trooper thanks cops for support during trial

FBI, NYPD conduct "realistic" nuclear disaster drill

Press Release:
Logicube Launches New Compact Forensic Data Capturing Solution

PoliceOne Member
Comment of the Week

"As the economy continues its downward scream, LEOs will face a larger pool of people with mental health issues. We are witnessing an increase of "family-cides," workplace shootings, campus shootings, etc. It will get a lot worse."
Member comment to article:
Indy police justified in shooting
man with machete
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Law Enforcement Training and Career Advancement
Upcoming Street Survival Seminars:

Salt Lake City, UT - June 23-24

Scottsdale (Phoenix), AZ - August 17-18

Pittsburgh, PA - September 9-10

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Armorer Certification - SIG SAUER Pistols (LE Only), June 22-23, Ft. Worth, TX

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