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Week 442
June 17, 2009

Editor's Note:

In conjunction with today's featured news about the excellent work done by LAPD to stem the melee that followed the NBA Championship game, SWAT columnist Dan Marcou shares some thoughts on crowd control. In addition, we welcome the return of Language and Communication Columnist John Bowden, who offers a useful guide to help you nail your incident reports every time.

Remember, we welcome the contributions of our members, and encourage you to e-mail us your article ideas.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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Featured News
Lakers melee tests new LAPD policies — officers meet the challenge

Featured News
Fans break the windshield and try to flip a police car while celebrating their team's victory in the NBA Finals. (AP Photo)

LOS ANGELES — As the mood of the crowd outside the Staples Center turned quickly from jubilation over a Lakers victory to something more destructive, Los Angeles police knew they had to finely calibrate their response to avoid the public relations debacles of the department's recent past.

Officers had to control a group of "knuckleheads," in the words of Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton, and used a new strategy: Remove the rabble-rousers, push larger crowds into marginal areas, and chase smaller groups until they disperse. In their Monday morning analysis, police commanders declared the approach a success ... Full story
Legend of the Texas Ranger and the unruly crowd
P1 Exclusive
As the story goes, a Texas Ranger arrived on the scene of a large disturbance after he was dispatched to the report of a riot. As he stepped confidently out of the squad to face the unruly crowd someone asked him incredulously, "Only one Ranger?"

His response was immediate: "You only have one riot, don’t you?" You have to admire the confidence of that ranger ... Full column
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PoliceOne Exclusive
The spaghetti sauce report
Chuck Joyner
I saw a trainee take her first report — she wrote on her hand the things she needed to include in her report. You should always write "the spaghetti sauce report" because when people ask you if you've included a bit of information, you can say: "It’s in there" like in that classic TV commercial ... Full column
News and Announcements

PTSD from 9/11 cited in ex-cop's legal case

Debate on legalizing pot continues

Attorney: Okla. trooper right in ambulance traffic stop

Two men held for attempted murder of Calif. officer during high-speed chase

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Video News

5 Convicted in Sears Tower, FBI Attack Plots

Video News
P1 Video Training Tip
Carry an interior door key for house searches

Sometimes even the smallest thing can have a major impact on your safety and effectiveness. Today’s P1 tactical tip is an example of how a small piece of metal can prevent you from being stopped in your tracks.
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News and Announcements

Video surfaces in accidental shooting of off duty NYPD officer

Milwaukee police say tattoo artist aided officers

St. Paul's longest-serving cop must retire

Ga. police, firefighters face off in fundraiser

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