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Week 445
July 6, 2009

Editor's Note:

Did you know the Annual JAG Direct Solicitation deadline is this Thursday, July 9th at 8:00pm ET? If you're having trouble keeping track of law enforcement grants announcements and deadlines, sign up today for Grants Alerts from PoliceGrantsHelp — all you need to do is enter your P1 login information.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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PoliceOne Exclusive
Want a little cheese with that whine?
P1 Exclusive
I suppose it’s not really fair to refer to fine, hard-working police officers as "whiners", but since I’ve whined a bit in my own career, we have all probably fit the definition at one time or another. The important thing is that we learn to recognize when we are whining and resolve to take charge of our own future ... Full column
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Featured News
Fla. cops in the sky catch the bad guys

(Photo: Florida Highway Patrol))

Florida's Highway Patrol is one of the few states in the U.S. that employs aircraft to monitor speeders, reckless drivers and felons fleeing a police pursuit (Nevada and Minnesota are among a dozen others).

Aviation enforcement doesn't involve radar: it's a straightforward stopwatch time over distance equation that allows a pilot to work out whether a driver has broken the speed limit ... Full article
News and Announcements

Officer misconduct measure proposed in N.M.

N.J. officer shoots man who tried to run him over

NYPD rookie makes arrest moments after graduation

Detroit's new top cop demands truth, accountability

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P1 Tactical Training Tip
Chevy Impala safety alert

Today’s tip shares an alarming discovery that surfaced during a training exercise: be aware of officer safety issues involving Chevy Impala sqad cars. Pay very close attention to this tip, especially if you drive an Impala. Full tip

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Most Commented Articles
Check out the P1 Most Popular section to see what the P1 community has been reading over the last week, month and beyond.
This past week's most commented articles:

Problem children: Dealing with whiney, crybaby
malcontents in your ranks

Heroics or recklessness? You be the judge

Ticketing off-duty officers: P1 Members speak

P1 First Person: Standing Downrange
What was once a specialty tool for tactical teams is now an essential piece of equipment for routine patrols, investigations, and officer safety. Agencies large and small, rural and urban, local and federal are using ITT night vision to their advantage every night. They've seen the difference. Have you?

See the difference for yourself at NightVision.com

News and Announcements

Despite technology, first responders operating on different frequencies

Boston officers disciplined in steroid scandal

Mich. police department opens doughnut store

NYPD gets radiation detectors to search for bombs

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Ballistic-Resistant Vest Manufactured by First Choice Armor Saves Life
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The Whelen LINZ6 Series Linear Super-LED Lightheads - Select Styles as Low as $70.00

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  Ticket Board, Illuminated ID Holder & Citation Writing System Only $114.99

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Hartnell College — 12-Month Criminal Justice Degree 100% Online

UC Irvine — Online Master of Advanced Study in Criminology, Law and Society

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Title: Sheriff's Deputy

Dept: Mclean County Sheriff's Office, IL

Salary: $40,454 annual

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