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Editor's Note:

September 11, 2001 was the deadliest day in U.S. law enforcement history — 72 officers lost their lives. To mark this solemn anniversary, PoliceOne presents a series of outstanding features. We've compiled the thoughts and memories of officers around the country about where they were during the attacks and where we are going in the fight against terrorism. Guest contributors and regular columnists have authored thought-provoking articles and commentaries. We encourage you to visit the PoliceOne 9/11 Tribute Page and add your own voice to the conversation.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

Special Edition: September 11th Tribute

September 11 Tribute Page
A New York City Police Dept. officer plays the trumpet over Ground Zero. (AP Photo)

In honor of the first responders who lost their lives on 9/11, we dedicate a special tribute page to the ongoing mission of counterterrorism education and awareness.

PoliceOne stands in support of the tireless law enforcement vigilance that defends this country.

Visit the PoliceOne 9/11 Tribute Page
American cops: Force multipliers in counterterrorism
Doug Wyllie
Most police officers have a pretty good handle on where the "high-value targets" are in their patrol area. Many even think beyond the typical list of power plants, transportation facilities, malls, hospitals, sports complexes, rail yards, radio towers, and public buildings. But it goes way beyond even that ... Full article
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Resolve to remember
September 11th

Remember 9/11

On this anniversary of the death of fellow Americans, when the resolve of some wanes and even disappears, LEOs must reaffirm that resolve to protect and serve the homeland ... Full column

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Patrol response to active shooter and terrorist incidents

Patrol response

It’s time we stop arguing about which active shooter response is best and train in all the various concepts. You warriors can only enhance your response capabilities by educating yourselves in as many tactics as possible ... Full column

Read more columns by Sgt. Glenn French

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Eight years after 9/11,
EOD is still evolving

EOD is still evolving

It wasn’t that long ago we called IEDs bombs, and most people weren’t concerned with them. In fact, bombs were so low on most peoples' radar, it was hard to get funding for Bomb Squads, much less get staffing for them ... Full column

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PoliceOne Special:
Know thy enemy
Know thy enemy

Terrorism is not half a world away.
It is alive and well, living and breathing in our backyards. There are those prepared to be rewarded in death for the elimination of people like you and me ... Full column

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News and Announcements
Judge rules Houston police's beard ban is legal

Twelve picked to review Harvard scholar's arrest

Surveillance cameras cause controversy in Pa. town

LEOs dealing with record-high demand for marijuana

Convicted N.M. killer ordered hit on local sheriff

Press Release:
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PoliceOne First Person
P1 First PersonIn this week's First Person, P1 member Jim Fuda discusses how American LEOs might prepare for a terrorist attack similar to Mumbai.

PoliceOne is looking for well-written first person perspectives from our members.

E-mail us your short article.
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