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Week 463
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Editor's Note:

We welcome to our roster of writers Pat McCarthy, who served 25 years with Chicago PD. During his career, Pat spent five years undercover in the gang unit, 11 years on three separate federal task forces with the FBI, and in 1994 created the three day Street Crimes training seminar. Like our instructors from the Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar, Pat will contribute regular articles to PoliceOne.

Check out his debut column and send us an e-mail with your feedback.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

Featured News
Widow shares anguish of officer who committed suicide after TASER incident

Fort Hood
Susan Pigott talks to reporters. (Photo: ClipSyndicate)

In October 2008, Lt. Michael Pigott committed suicide after he commanded a fellow officer to use a TASER on a naked and deranged man who then fell to his death.

In her first interview since her husband's death, Susan Pigott recounts the eight days of anguish before he took his life ... Full story

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PoliceOne Exclusive
Cover and concealment for the street cop
P1 Exclusive
The ability to evaluate cover and assess the threats you are faced with on the streets can have a major impact on whether you survive a deadly force encounter. Learn to recognize what is good and bad cover. Keep this list of do's and don'ts handy to help prevent common mistakes made during critical incidents ... Full column
News and Announcements
Ind. officer succumbs to injuries in on-duty crash

Obama orders review of possible Ft. Hood warning signs

Officer's killer launched a 'one man war' against police

Cop car-tracking iPhone app proved myth

Ill. town criticized for giving officers their old guns

Press Release:
Revision Photochromic HELLFLY® Ballistic Sunglasses Give Law Officers a Tactical Edge
[Revision Eyewear]
PoliceOne First Person
P1 Exclusive Chicago officer Louis Martinez says that a cop will keep his or her sanity by the few successes that they control.

PoliceOne is looking for well-written first person perspectives from our members.

E-mail us your short article.
IES Introduces the Mobile Firearms Diagnostic Unit (FDU). The Range Firearms Diagnostic Unit (FDU) simultaneously captures the four key perspectives of a shooter's technique to give instructors and trainees a first-person perspective in real-time. The Range FDU can be used with both live fire and laser training weapons.

Check out the new FDU at IES-USA.com

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Duration: 03:15

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Duration: 07:39

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PoliceOne Exclusive
A formula for trainers: Experience + Observation = Perception
P1 Exclusive
Training is a critical part of the law enforcement business, so it's no surprise that trainers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. It's therefore important for trainers to communicate clearly when teaching their students. The following list of communication barriers (and how to overcome them) will help prevent misunderstandings between trainers and their trainees ... Full column
The new A.R.M.S. #41-B-L SILHOUETTE Front Folding Sight solves the problem of trying to fold the well-known triangle shape of the conventional non-folding front sights. With a barrel mounted in place, it utilizes a rugged spring loaded angled support system to eliminate getting caught up in brush and other combat hazards. It also uses the standard front sight post.

Let A.R.M.S. find the right sight for you

News and Announcements

Experts say it would have been hard to prevent K-9 shooting by Baltimore cop

Chicago cop severly wounded in Afghanistan called 'a miracle guy'

Pa. female trooper alleges gender bias in promotions

Facebook message frees N.Y. robbery suspect

N.J. officers honor fallen brothers at annual Blue Mass

Press Release:

Accuracy International's New AE MK II Introduces Key Enhancements to the Original Model AE
[Accuracy International]

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When the dust settles...

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P1 Video Training Tip
Shooting and moving
P1 Video TipIn today's tactical video tip, law enforcement firearms instructor Cathy Schroeder discusses a drill that police officers can do to get in the habit of moving after shooting ... Full tip

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