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Week 474
Featured News
Calif. police department builds the case for stun guns
Featured News
(AP Photo)

One-third of shootings by San Francisco police over a five-year period might have been avoided had officers been equipped with less-lethal options, a study commissioned by the S.F. chief suggests.

Cops in S.F. aren't armed with TASERs, and despite recent controversy over the devices, the chief is pushing for the city to purchase them. Five key cases highlighted in the recent study support the department's resasoning ... Full story
The third generation Responder 1000 from Decatur Electronics offers a proven in car video system for law enforcement. Departments around the nation are using the Responder 1000 to:

• Capture vital evidence

• Protect officers from misconduct complaints

• Simplify evidence management
Get the In Car Video you can count on
PoliceOne Exclusive
Cops committing crimes: You get what you pay for
P1 Exclusive
Society holds officers to a "higher standard," and yet newspaper headlines go on and on about cops committing crimes. We will never be able to stop every bad apple from slipping through, but I don’t think we should be holding the door open for them to step right in. If we are continually held to a higher standard, shouldn't we hire new officers that meet that standard? ... Full column
News and Announcements

Accused Penn. cop killer had a 'hit list'

Calif. officer fatally shoots machete-wielding man

Lawyer: Mass. man was beaten at police DUI checkpoint

Fla. girl dies after crash with deputy's patrol car

Report: Ill. officer was asleep at the wheel in crash

Press Release:

SuperVisor® and WingMan™ now available with TriCore™ Technology
[Code 3, Inc.]

Laguna Mfg. is proud to announce the opening of our eastern distribution center in Detroit, MI. The new distribution center will be stocking Laguna's 3P line including the new 3P FlexMat and Ready Buckle Restraints. East Coast clients will now have a distribution center that will stock Laguna products for more effective shipping to eastern locations.
Increase safety & reduce liability with Laguna

Call (800) 516-2322 for more info.

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PoliceOne Exclusive
California POST: Taking driver training into the next decade
P1 Exclusive
Time and time again, law enforcement professionals hear about "the next best thing" in policing. The latest idea in emergency vehicle operations training is the California POST Vehicle Operations Training Advisory Council (VOTAC). With the committee reporting that collisions are the leading cause of death and injury to police officers, let's take a look at the problem, the causes, and the "boom!" .... Full column
News and Announcements

Law gave gun back to man who killed Pa. trooper

Ga. police beef up sidearms to counter criminals

Pa. police defend 'first strikes' on teen

Seattle officer fired for dishonesty gets job back

Tenn. story about badge stopping bullet could be fake

Press Release:

Safariland™ Introduces New Belt Cup Concealment Holsters

Ray Allen’s K9 Vehicle Heat Alert and Deployment System just got better! A few new features include:

• Improved electrical components. Tested over 1 million cycles without failure

• Horn-burst deployment acknowledgment

• Built-in fan speed control

• Real-time communication between remote and system
Get the heat alert system at RayAllen.com

P1 Training Tip
Critical incident debriefing:
Don’t forget your civilian employees

P1 Tactical TipIn today's tip, Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith discusses the importance of debriefing civilian workers (such as the dispatcher, records clerk, or secretary) that have been involved in a critical case. Here's why you shouldn't forget these invaluable employees ... Full tip

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This past week's most commented articles:

Texas teen's death in chase with off-duty cop
draws fire

SC cop fights with deputies after getting

Philly cop says worn-out holster led to shooting

Thousands protest Sheriff Joe's immigration

Off-duty Philly officer shot at movie theater
Careers, Education and Training
Featured Degree Programs:

American Military University: Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Hartnell College: 12-Month Criminal Justice Degree 100% Online

Featured Job:

Title: Police Officer

Dept: Canaveral Port Authority, FL

Salary: $38,000 annual

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Upcoming Street Survival Seminars:

Colorado Springs, CO - April 6-7

Boston, MA - April 13-14

Lake Tahoe, NV - May 4-5

Calibre Press Seminar Calendar

Featured Training Program:

S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™: Instructor Certification by Blauer Tactical Systems, Feb. 15-19, Virginia Beach, VA

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