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Week 477
Editor's Note:

How do you win a gunfight? Yeah, we know: "bring a gun" (better still, bring two guns and two friends who have guns). Joking aside, today we feature a column by Chuck Remsberg that outlines John Farnam's 10 habits for winning a gunfight, a follow up to his previous column, Preparing for armed encounters in 2010.

What are your suggestions? Share your thoughts — your wisdom may one day keep a fellow cop alive.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor
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PoliceOne Exclusive
10 critical habits for winning a gunfight
P1 Exclusive
You don't have to spend too much time reviewing the headlines on PoliceOne to know that law enforcement encounters against armed assailants are on the rise. John Farnam, a nationally-known firearms trainer, offers 10 strategies to ensure that the number of times cops win those fights keeps increasing as well. What will you do on that fateful day when you face an armed adversary? ... Full column
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Featured News
Calif. cop behind infamous video skits resigns

Featured News
(Photo: ClipSyndicate)

A San Francisco officer who produced videotaped skits in 2005 that the mayor and chief denounced as racist and sexist has resigned.

Officer Andrew Cohen's videos depicted an officer running over a homeless woman and cops ogling female motorists. Cohen recently announced that he was sick of fighting the disciplinary cases against him. Did the department go too far, or were the videos truly inflammatory? ... Full story
News and Announcements
Ga. suspect apprehended in officer's killing

Calif. officer's Facebook posts under criticism

Rev. Jackson calls Ore. shooting 'an execution'

Suit claims Ark. man drowned from TASER use in pond

Texas parolee said he would have killed a cop

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PoliceOne Exclusive
Keeping your less lethal options open
P1 Exclusive
Figuring out the necessary force and which weapon to use is often a split-second decision. Whatever force you choose will eventually be scrutinized by your department, the courts, and the media, but getting up-to-date training and instruction on less lethal options might prepare you for future confrontations. So how can you know if your use-of-force decision was the right one? ... Full column
News and Announcements

Arrest made in Wash. trooper's shooting

Controversial ex-LAPD chief seriously ill

Details emerge about Ala. rampage suspect

NYPD lawyers say suspect claiming abuse lacks evidence

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Video News

Utah officer shoots pit bull
after it harasses kids, dogs

PoliceOne Tip
Using creative tactics to overcome transportation obstacles

Tactical TipA report about LEOs getting to work during a blizzard is a testament to the spirit of dedicated and motivated cops. As you watch the coverage of catastrophic weather events, take notes. You can learn a lot from these officers with creative tactics ... Full tip

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