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Week 478
Featured News
Pa. cop fought for her life before shooting suspect
Featured News
Officer Janine Triolo. (Photo: ClipSyndicate)

Pittsburgh officer Janine Triolo was in a fight for her life. She had one handcuff on armed robbery suspect Ryan Davis when he smashed her face with his free hand and shoved a Ruger double-action pistol into her armpit before pulling the trigger.

What followed was a violent struggle that left Officer Triolo with a broken eye socket, fractured nose, a concussion, and a detached retina. How did she overcome her 200-pound attacker? ... Full story
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Why are so many older cops being killed?
P1 Exclusive
In the first two months of 2010, we’ve seen an odd trend that requires reflection: an unusually high number of older cops are being killed in the line of duty. Only time will give us the data we need to see if this is an emerging trend or statistical anomaly, but the average age (and number of years on the job) of the officers being killed might astound you ... Full column
News and Announcements

Ill. officer killed after squad hits tree

Ariz. cop's sixth shooting raises eyebrows

Off-duty Pa. cop suspected of DUI injures 3

Ga. officer's slaying rattles idyllic rural town

NY police officers acquitted in sodomy case

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PoliceOne Exclusive
Communication skills and your survival
P1 Exclusive
For law enforcement professionals, communication skills are necessary to succeed. Cops too often view communication as a one-way activity meant to direct and control others, but it's not. Learning how to communicate effectively is not difficult, but few officers or agencies seem to make it a priority. So, how can you improve the way you communicate? ... Full column
News and Announcements

NM officer sues to end K-9 'find and bite' practice

Calif. chief: The thin blue line 'keeps getting thinner'

Texas attack prompts debate over terrorism label

Killing of Vegas courthouse gunman 'justified'

Conn. city agrees to pay bills for cop who shot chimp

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P1 Tactical Tip
4 tips for working off-duty security

P1 Tactical TipFollowing a recent report of an officer shot during an off-duty security shift, it's a good idea to consider a few tactical safety issues related to this kind of work. Avoiding the dangers of complacency and staying alert are just two of the many things to consider ... Full tip

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Most Commented Articles
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This past week's most commented articles:

Wash. guards who saw beating 'followed

10 critical habits for winning a gunfight

Rev. Jackson calls Ore. shooting an 'execution'

Calif. officers get new rules for chasing armed

Va. sheriff's daughter could be his downfall

NJ officer dies from accidental gunshot wound
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