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Week 478
Editor's Note:

As agencies continue to struggle with finances, it's often the specialized units that fall to the budget axe. Next month, PoliceOne will be highlighting issues related to SWAT, Airborne, Maritime, and other specialized units.

As these squads face being scaled back or shut down, we’re collecting examples of how they’ve made all the difference. Share your story.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Media strategies following use-of-force incidents
P1 Exclusive
Police officers who use deadly force need to survive not only physically but emotionally as well — something not often aided by media accounts. So how should officers — as well as investigators and administrators — handle the media in the aftermath of a use-of-force event? ... Full column
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Featured News
Supreme Court backs police on questioning subjects

Featured News
(AP Photo)

This week, the Supreme Court approved Florida's rewrite of the well-known Miranda rights warning, despite complaints that it wasn't clear a suspect could have a lawyer present during police questioning.

The court's decision is the first of many it will make clarifying exactly what the Miranda rights require police to do. But will this rewrite really change police operations during arrests? ... Full story
News & Announcements
States eye ban on public release of 911 calls

Vigilant NH cops thwart potential shooter

RI officer charged in suspect's beating

Teacher tackles gunman in Colo. shooting

Community mourns Ill. cop killed in crash

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PoliceOne Exclusive
Should cops be required to submit DNA samples?
P1 Exclusive
The N.Y. State Police Investigators Association and the Governor's Office of Employee Relations recently entered into an agreement that asks employees to voluntarily submit DNA samples. Those defending the plan claim that DNA is simply a more sophisticated fingerprint, but I beg to differ. Here's why officers shouldn't be involved in DNA sampling policies ... Full column
News and Announcements

Charges dropped against Calif. student in videotaped arrest

Suspect dead after chase at Ariz. military base

Ky. troopers caught on tape attending cockfight

Texas police officer's family sues Hillary Clinton

Former La. cop pleads guilty in Katrina shooting

Press Release:

AZ DPS Becomes the First State-Level Agency in the Country to Deploy the StarChase Pursuit Management System

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Video News

Video shows Mich. cop jumping to avoid car

Video News
PoliceOne Tip
Reminders for contact with
emotionally disturbed people

Tactical TipDealing with mentally ill or emotionally disturbed suspects is a challenge for police officers. These six simple tips will help tailor your approach to prevent the situation from escalating ... Full tip

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