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Week 479
Editor's Note:

Our National Parks are national treasures. How can law enforcement officers prevent them from being invaded and used by Mexican drug cartels for their massive marijuana grow operations?

Check out this recent news article and add your voice to the discussion.

— Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor
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Will your SWAT team's tactics survive first contact?
P1 Exclusive
Anyone who has participated in tactical entries knows that these operations are high risk. Before making decisions, SWAT officers will need to consider the context of the situation at hand, but knowing basic tactical principles can make split-second decisions easier. So what kind of principles should SWAT teams practice that can be applied to any mission? ... Full column
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Featured News
Despite fatal crashes, seat belts don't click with all officers

Featured News
(AP Photo)

There's an open secret about seat belts at police departments: many officers killed in on-duty crashes aren't wearing them.

Almost 40 percent of officers killed in wrecks between 2004 and 2008 weren't wearing seat belts, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If wearing a seat belt might save an officer's life, why do so many cops and administrators say police culture can sometimes discourage their use? ... Full story
News & Announcements
Va. cop recounts shootout, feared execution

Ariz. to criminalize presence of illegal immigrants

Driver on cell phone hits Ill. cruiser

Pa. department sued by ex-cops alleging bias

Calif. DA won't charge cops in taped beating

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PoliceOne Exclusive
Keeping your specialized units afloat in a budget crunch
P1 Exclusive
Amid widespread economic troubles, there is hardly a state, city, or department that hasn't experienced budget pains. When money needs to be saved and layoffs are on the table, specialized units are sometimes the first to go. So what can you do to prevent your unit from falling beneath the budget axe? ... Full column
News and Announcements

NY police chief retires amid scandal

SC cops working on community action teams

Fla. officer cited in cruiser hit-and-run crash

Veteran NJ officer pleads guilty to misconduct

Family of Calif. cop killed in off-duty crash sues Toyota

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Video News

Wis. officer pays the price for bravery

Video News
PoliceOne Tip
Increasing the effectiveness of your baton

Tactical TipBatons can be very effective in controlling resisting subjects, but what happens when you are faced with a more critical or lethal situation? In this tip, Gary Klugiewicz gives advice on the best target areas for your baton in a deadly force encounter ... Full tip

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