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Week 481
Featured News
Guns used in shootings were confiscated, resold by Tenn. police
Featured News
Seized firearms on display. (AP Photo)

Two guns used in high-profile shootings at the Pentagon and a Las Vegas courthouse both came from the same unlikely place: a police station in Memphis, Tenn. ... Full story

Many departments destroy guns gathered in criminal probes, but others sell or trade the weapons to buy other equipment like body armor. Is it merely a coincidental twist of fate that some of these guns end up back in the hands of criminals, or should the practice of reselling be banned? ... Speak out now
Safety Vision's digital in-car patrol video system includes the PatrolRecorder 4C™ mobile digital video recorder (MDVR), a 5.6 inch LCD monitor, a color zoom camera, a cabin-mounted camera, and a wireless audio unit. The system supports four cameras, has wireless video transfer capabilities, GPS mapping, and speed tracking and recording.
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Training to enhance tactical situational awareness
P1 Exclusive
Whether you're responding to patrol runs or you're out on SWAT operations, understanding how to manage situational awareness can maximize your chances for success. When officers are unable to do so, they might make poor tactical decisions, potentially endangering other officers and themselves. So how should you train to increase your situational awareness in the tactical environment? ... Full column
News and Announcements

Ohio officer collapsed, died while chasing suspect

NC officer dies at end of shift, cause unknown

Off-duty Calif. cop fatally shooots violent man

Policy change for Texas cops who moonlight at bars

Chicago mayor defends TASER expansion

Press Release:

FNH USA will be Title Sponsor of New Television Show "3-Gun Nation"

Boston University’s Master of Criminal Justice online program has established itself as one of the most respected criminal justice leadership programs in the nation. This program will enable you to lead the criminal justice community, analyze criminal justice issues using disciplined research methods, assess law enforcement policies, and implement change.
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Financial tips for starting a police family
P1 Exclusive
Starting — or adding to — a family is a financial challenge for most people. As with other major life decisions, planning for a child is the key to success and happiness. Here are a few simple suggestions that will help you organize your finances to better plan for your family ... Full column
News and Announcements

SD cops exposed lesbian sergeant, who was later fired

Arbitrators put aside outrage to decide fate of fired cops

Calif. man investigated over alleged DEA threats

Pa. officers say their patrol cars are a menace

Conn. police recruit files complaint against trainer

Press Release:

IACP President Demonstrates Support for the National Guard and Reserve
[International Association of Chiefs of Police]

For four years, The Force has presented the Positive Force Award to one officer who distinguishes him or herself through exemplary service. In 2009, we expanded the program so we can recognize more officers who are Positive Forces in their communities.
Tell us about the Positive Force in your community

P1 Tactical Tip
Remember agility, endurance,
balance, and footwork

P1 Tactical TipDoes your fitness training prepare you for most on-duty situations? Many officers have an exercise regimen to increase strength, but agility, endurance, balance, and footwork are equally important. Here are some suggestions for realistic drills to try ... Full tip

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Most Commented Articles
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This past week's most commented articles:

Ga. officer mistaken for coyote, fatally shot

Muslim group says police detained praying men

Nurse cuffed by Chicago cop settles for $78K

Mont. officer purchases food for man caught

Ex-Wis. deputy gets prison for punching suspect

Phoenix cop accidentally shoots armed suspect
Careers, Education and Training
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Columbia Southern University: Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Tiffin University: Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Featured Job:

Title: Detention Supervisor

Dept: Raytown Missouri PD

Salary: $33,146 annual

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Upcoming Street Survival Seminars:

Boston, MA - April 13-14

Lake Tahoe, NV - May 4-5

Chicago - River Grove, IL - May 18-19

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California POST Learning Portal-Training and Resources On-Demand

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