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Week 483
Featured News
Christian militia charged with police-killing plot
Featured News
FBI agents raided the home of David Brian Stone, the leader of Christian militia Hutaree. (AP Photo)

A Midwestern militia group called Hutaree has been charged with conspiring to kill officers and attack a police funeral. The group planned on using homemade bombs to kill as many LEOs as possible.

FBI agents raided the homes of group leaders in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, and discovered that Hutaree's other plot involved faking 911 calls to lure officers to their deaths. The group thinks law enforcement is "the enemy," but why? ... Full story
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Debunking myths about bomb squad units
P1 Exclusive
Having been on several bomb squad teams over the past 20 years, I can tell you honestly that they aren't that special. Despite all the glitz and glamour, bomb squad units are just useful tools to help law enforcement officers do their jobs. So what's the truth about these these units, and why all the hype? ... Full column
News and Announcements

SC community mourns officer killed in crash

US police beef up transit security after Moscow blast

Calif. SWAT officer, young marine killed in Afghanistan

Seattle cops 'justified' in using TASER on pregnant woman

Texas DUI suspect dies inside patrol car

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Two New Police iPhone Applications Released
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Being "good enough" isn't good enough
P1 Exclusive
How many times in the course of your career have you said or heard the phrase "good enough" when referring to police training or on-duty performance? Many cops believe that the phrase "good enough" means someone is well-trained and prepared to win. However, for law enforcement officers, there's really no such thing as being good enough, and here's why ... Full column
News and Announcements

In-car cameras make Ill. cops 'uncomfortable'

Va. cop invents self-powered battering ram

Ill. man bitten by K-9 awarded $200K

Calif. police shoot man damaging cruisers with hatchet

Judge: RI officer's assault case will proceed

Press Release:

Beretta USA Launches New Version of Website BERETTAUSA.com
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P1 Tactical Tip
Is your suspect grasping
for "mental traction"?

P1 Tactical TipToday's tip gives advice for detecting deception during interviews. When questioning a suspect, stay alert for dramatic fluctuations in verbal pace — it will help you get a better fix on whether a suspect is telling the truth or buying time to create answers ... Full tip

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Most Commented Articles
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This past week's most commented articles:

ACLU 'disturbed' by L.A. police shooting

Mo. officer killed in crash while pursuing suspect

Ill. cadet says he was fired over 'raspy voice'

Cop suspended for sending text criticizing

Wash. officer may face murder charge

Wis. town's department has 'too much ammo'
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