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Featured News
Military police stop a vehicle at a check point as they secure the area around the U.S. Magistrate court prior to an Article 32 hearing for Maj. Nidal Hasan. Attorney seeks delay
Today's Top Stories:
Supreme Court expands limits on Miranda: Suspects must tell cops they will keep quiet to stop an interrogation
Woman charged with stalking Pa. cop: Inez Marie Melo, 49, allegedly left half-dead roses, threatening note on squad car
Mexican man dies after clash with Border Patrol
Nev. cop on paid leave after fatal crash during pursuit
Ohio police guard dairy farm from protestors
Calif. cops honored for on and off duty heroism
Businesses have 'high' hopes for NJ pot sales
National Guard to do border surveillance
News Analysis:
Armed jihadist assaults on the horizon?
By Fred Burton, PoliceOne Contributor
In the United States it is very easy to obtain firearms and it is legal to go to a range or private property to train with them. Armed assaults are also clearly within the skill set of jihadists who have done only basic insurgent training ... Shift in the mindset of jihadist ideologues
PoliceOne Exclusive
P1 First Person: "I Hate This Job"
By Joel F. Shults, PoliceOne Contributor
Some idiot tried to run me down in his car. Had to draw down on him and now the paperwork makes me wish I had just pulled the freaking trigger. Then I think about the time I could have shot a guy and didn’t. His mother later thanked me ... My kid thinks it’s cool I’m a cop
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Chiefs speak out against Ariz. law
SB 1070, Arizona’s new law cracking down on illegal immigration, is opposed by some in law enforcement and supported by others.
Southern Police Equipment at Police Security Expo 2009
PoliceOneTV's Kevin Dillon speaks with Mitch Miles of Southern Police Equipment about some of the new products available through their website.
Tactical Tip
Watch the windows on tactical entry
Hurricane-proof glass can withstand winds up to 120 m.p.h. Traditional methods of gaining entry through a window, such as a window-puncturing piston, battering ram, or Halligan Tool, may not work ... Check for window work on suspects' houses
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