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Featured News
Officers say they came under a barrage of big stones while trying to detain illegal immigrants on US side of border Watch the video
Today's Top Stories:
More than 50 drug dealers rounded up in major N.M. bust: Serious heroin problem has plagued parts of the state for years
Alleged cop-killer tossed from court after bashing lawyer: Could be sentenced to death if found guilty of murdering Sgt.
Editorial: NYPD can keep sensitive information secret in RNC case
Off-duty Md. trooper shot, killed
Former gang member says Chi. cop suffocated him
Detroit casino to become police headquarters
Prosecutor: Anger led BART cop to kill
Calif. motorcycle cop killed in chase
PoliceOne Exclusive
Pivots and turns on the range
By Sgt. Bill Campbell, PoliceOne Contributor
On the range, officers are not going to turn suddenly up-range and engage a live-fire target with a real firearm — this would be considered unsafe — but this possibility does exist on the street. It is important for officers to learn how to pivot and turn into a potential deadly force threat ... Follow the head
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Dog eats patrol car
The officers in this squad probably laughed when they first saw the dog start chewing away on the bumper. They weren't laughing by the end.
Video: Cell phone captures teen killed in Border Patrol shooting
A grainy video captured with a cell phoneshows Monday's fatal shooting of a 15-year-old Mexican boy by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.
P1 First Person
Ask, Tell, Make
By John Thornburg and Ed Flosi
This week’s essay comes from PoliceOne Members John Thornburg, a Sergeant with the Monterey County (Md.) Sheriff's Office and Ed Flosi, a Sergeant with the San Jose (Calif.) Police Department, who explore a memory tool — ATM — that addresses the sequence of events which so often occurs during contact with a suspect ... No such thing as a routine call
Video Tip
Take down tactics for the
smaller officer
Betsy Brantner-Smith talks with Lt. Dan Marcou about some tactics for smaller statured officers. He demontrates some common techniques that they can use to take down alarger individual ... Buckle their knee
P1 Member Photo of the Week
EVOC in the Columbia River Gorge
Detective (and EVOC Instructor) Tim Garrity of the Skamania County (Wash.) Sheriff's Office took this photo of one of the SO's patrol cars with Mt. Hood in the background
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