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38 people were arrested, most for public intoxication and others for vandalism and inciting a riot.
People don't know how to behave
Today's Top Stories:
Video: Drunken officer placed in back of squad fires gun into floor: Officer Kelly Beemer has been placed on administrative leave pending criminal investigation
Tenn. man gets high-tech revenge for camera citation: Saw that his local police department's website would soon expire, so he bought the PD's web address
Video: NY councilman confronts illegally parked officer at Dunkin' Donuts
Man sues Pa. police for not allowing use of hearing aid
Mixed martial arts now part of El Paso police training
Utah cops volunteer for firing squad
Pa. officer killed in crash had 0.27 BAC
NY K-9 finds man on first day of work
PoliceOne Exclusive
Calif. SWAT teams are "golden"
By Lt. Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
A 56-hour standoff in Sacramento Calif. started when a suspected murderer hid in an apartment and used a 16-month-old baby as a shield. It ended with the transmission" Jackpot is good, suspect is down." ...
Little Michael’s safe return
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Drunk officer fires gun in cop car (1)
A drunk officer in Texas is detained and placed in a squad car where she then curses and cries. Watch video 2 to hear her fire a gun into the car's floorboard.
Drunk officer fires gun in cop car (2)
The drunk officer continues to cry and curse loudly after she's placed in the squad car by her boyfriend. She then fires a shot into the floorboard.
P1 First Person
Ask, Tell, Make, Part Two
By John Thornburg and Ed Flosi
This is the second installment of an essay from PoliceOne Members John Thornburg, a Sergeant with the Monterey County (Md.) Sheriff's Office and Ed Flosi, a Sergeant with the San Jose (Calif.) Police Department, who explore a memory tool — ATM — that addresses the sequence of events which so often occurs during contact with a suspect ... Force options
Video Tip
Vandalism investigation for patrol

Nothing blights a community faster than vandalism. You as a patrol officer have to pay special attention to vandals' activities.
... Learn what symbols mean
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Felony car stop training
Deputy Todd Gaines of the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Department in Westmoreland, Kansas sent us this photo. The officers seen are training with airsoft ammunition at Tuttle Creek State Park.

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