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Featured News
Businesses in Oakland are anticipating riots, regardless of the verdict in the trial over the BART train shooting incident on New Year's Day 2009.
Trial winding down
Today's Top Stories:
Fla. cop killer tied to other deaths: Tampa police chief says Dontae Morris is a 'cold blooded killer' who will be caught
West Memphis police to get AR-15s: Move in response to the May death of two officers shot by a teenager with an AK-47
Ga. sheriff in hot seat for botched DUI
Tx. demands more border troops as gunfire hits El Paso City Hall
NH cop found guilty of groping woman
Il. cop’s sharp memory leads to arrest
Ariz. to release immigration training plan for cops
Cop tackles men in dog-waste dispute
PoliceOne Exclusive
Calif. OIS study: TASERs save lives
By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor
The San Francisco Police Department looked at 15 OIS incidents in the past five years and concluded, among other things, that the PD needs its cops to have TASERs ...
No less-lethal options
Sponsored by: Safariland
Tampa cops remember fallen officers
Three Tampa cops fight back tears while telling personal and professional stories about two former colleagues who were shot and killed early this week.
Immigration enforcement training plan for Ariz. cops
This is a small sample of an hourlong video that will be used to train Ariz. officers on immigration enforcement.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Terrorist Leo Burt still at large
By Lt. Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
The New Years Eve Gang said they "intended to hurt no one" with their 2,000-pound bomb, but David Fassnacht, who had stayed late in his lab inside Sterling Hall to monitor an experiment, perished in the explosion ...
Budding journalists became terrorsts
P1 First Person
Improving your professional reputation
By Morris Greenberg
Whether you realize it or not, you are being talked about. Your supervisors are talking about you, your co-workers are talking about you and attorneys are talking about you. Adopt these characteristics and improve your professional reputation ... Leave a lasting impression
Video Tip
Using the head: Weapon retention during ground fighting

By using leverage against an assailant’s head, you can gain the upper hand and end a potentially dangerous threat, even if the suspect is stronger than you
... Ground-fighting technique
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Sgt. Aaron M. Russell of the Tiffin (Ohio) Police Department writes, "This picture was taken by my wife nine years ago of our eldest son."

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