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John Joe Gray told police they better bring plenty of body bags if they decide to storm his compound.
Self-imposed house arrest
Today's Top Stories:
Video: Police cars burned as G-20 protests get violent: Black-clad protesters shattered windows; More than 600 arrests
Ex-cop Burge convicted of lying about torture: More than 100 victims have said the torture started in the 1970s and persisted until the 1990s
Ex-priest who pulled gun gets jail
Many legislators aim to copy Ariz. immigration law
NYPD cop acquitted in assault caught on video
Highway traffic stops pose daily danger
Extradition sought in Calif. cop slaying
Bay Area cops await Mehserle verdict
PoliceOne Exclusive
Ensuring relevant training after a use-of-force incident
By Captain Scott L. Sargent, PoliceOne Contributor
LAPD officers are involved in about 1,800 use-of-force incidents each year, including 60-70 officer-involved shootings. How have the department's use-of-force policies and procedures changed in recent years? ...
Use-of-force after Graham v. Connor
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Vest test, fail
We're not sure how things turned out for this guy. We hope he lived, but Darwin is necessarily cruel to this particular brand of stupidity.
Stun-gun footage caught on dash-cam
This non-compliant driver was stopped for DUI, but after several warnings from the officer he had to be hit with a TASER.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Leaders cannot quit when dealing with quitters
By June Rogers, PoliceOne Contributor
With every officer expected to play a valuable role, quitters do more than just jeopardize success; their actions force the entire team to make adjustments ...
Hold people accountable
Tactical Tip
5 keys to manning the perimeter
Many police officers and tactical operators might think they’re being left out of the action when they're assigned to the perimeter, but this thinking underestimates the role's importance ... Contain the problem
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