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Local police recently discovered 10 tons of marijuana and $10 million in cash in a storage shed behind the public library. Residents were stunned — one man told the local TV reporter, “We never knew we had a library!”

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor
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Authorities have located a woman wanted for questioning. They are still searching for the man they believe to be the shooter.
'Armed and extremely dangerous'
Today's Top Stories:
Cops bracing for the worst in BART cop verdict: The New Year's Day 2009 shooting was captured on video and has been viewed by millions of people
Anarchists ran wild at G-20 summit, police say: More than 900 people were arrested, the largest mass arrests in Canada's history
Iowa cops nabbed by red light cameras
Video shows teen killing on Ark. cops
Report: Gates' arrest 'avoidable'
FBI arrests 10 alleged Russian spies
Granny shocked by stun gun sues
Pa. cop shot while confronting burglar
Death sentence in NY cop killings nixed
PoliceOne Exclusive
Two Chicago cops win against a surprise attack
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
Scenario-based training has helped these two cops react and think quickly. Their skills were tested on the street when one of the officers found the muzzle of a silver pistol pressed hard against her face ... Think fast, move fast
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Raw video: West Memphis traffic stop cop killing (1 of 2)
This dash-cam video shows 16-year-old Joseph Kane opening fire with an AK-47 on two West Memphis police officers before taking off in a van with his father.
Raw Video: West Memphis PD find cop killers (2 of 2)
This video shows the gun battle that took place after cop killers Jerry Kane and his 16-year-old son, Joseph Kane murdered two West Memphis cops. Police found the suspects in a Wal-Mart parking lot.
Tactical Tip
Tips for becoming a harder target
What do you do if you suspect that you’re being followed? What can you do to maintain a low profile off duty? Our friend John D. Williams of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department recently distributed a series of excellent reminders and tips to keep you safe ...
Watch for attack indicators
Video News
Former CHP officer remembers risks of traffic stops
Four CHP officers have died during the last month, making it their deadliest month in a decade. This former officer was hit by a passing car but lived to tell his story.
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