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Featured News
Gunfight on Mexican border claimed the life of one Mexican cop, and errant rounds struck El Paso City Hall in the United States.
U.S. taking fire from Mexico
Today's Top Stories:
Help available if riots follow Mehserle verdict: If Oakland needs assistance with crowd-control, mutual aid is ready
Feds sues over Ariz. immigration law: Says the federal government has top authority to regulate immigration matters
Fla. man, 74, chases down robbers
NV police seek man who shot at cops
34 illegal immigrants caught on Calif. coast
Sub seized in Ecuador: Capable of long-range travel
Ill. mob shoots fireworks at police
Mass. bike cops get new technology
PoliceOne Exclusive
Use of force from a patrol supervisor's point of view
By Lt. Andrew Hawkes, PoliceOne Contributor
A supervisor has the difficult job of winning the loyalty and trust of his officers, while also ensuring that laws and policies are followed when force is used on a suspect. Use of force must be legal, justified, and properly executed ... The ultimate responsibility
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Dog Days of Summer
Mounties in Burnaby, BC, Canada were reportedly making an arrest of two subjects when a neighborhood Jack Russell Terrier decided to get into the picture.
Fatal bridge shooting
This officer initially defended himself against this suspect by deploying his TASER, but the suspect kept fighting. It was then that the cop fired a single shot, killing the man.
Tactical Tip
Can you speak 'gang'?
Gangbangers have their own language. Regardless of where you patrol (yes, even in rural areas), if you can’t decipher their words and phrases, you might be putting yourself at tactical risk ...
Stay current on slang
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