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While protests were largely peaceful, more than 80 people were arrested after ex-BART cop Johannes Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
Heavy police presence
Today's Top Stories:
Mehserle verdict: Involuntary manslaughter: Found not guilty of second-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter
Chicago cop killed with own gun: Shot by attacker after struggle outside station
How strong is the suit against Ariz.?
Police shoot, kill armed man outside Maine VA hospital
Beer-swigging gunman shot dead by Calif. cops
Boston man rams squad car head-on
Judge dismisses federal TASER suit
Judge denies motion to release Drew Peterson
Ex-SC officer who fought with police charged again while drunk
PoliceOne Exclusive
Rioting for fun and profit
By Dave Smith, PoliceOne Contributor
Some will classify last night’s events in Oakland as an “Outburst of Righteous Indignation Riot.” I disagree with that classification, for several reasons ...
What happened last night was preplanned
Sponsored by: Safariland
Oakland Foot Locker looted after Mehserle verdict
Some of the demonstrations that followed Mehserle's verdict turned violent as Thursday evening wore on. Looters broke the window of a Foot Locker and stole inventory.
Riot police monitor protesters
Riot police lined up in the streets and declared the gathering to be an unlawful assembly. They warned that those who did not immediatley leave could be arrested or subject to other police action, including the use of force.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Actions lie louder than words (Pt. 2)
By Jim Glennon, PoliceOne Columnist
When people speak, they make physical gestures. When telling the truth, that body language either precedes or accompanies the words spoken; it rarely follows them ...
A lesson from Hollywood
P1 First Person
Look Who's Packing?!
By Jason W. MacGregor
A New York State database exists that shows the names of all concealed carry holders in the state. It was recently posted to the internet, which should give some police officers reason for concern ... Criminals know if you carry
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Officer Matthew Harger and K-9 Thor
This photo was sent to us by Officer Matthew Harger from the Antioch Police Department in Antioch, Calif.

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