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After two years of eluding police, Colton Harris-Moore was caught on Sunday after a boat chase in the Bahamas. He allegedly stole a plane in Indiana and flew to the Caribbean with no formal flight training.
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3 dead, 4 hurt in N.M. office shooting: Probably an office domestic-violence situation, according to Albuquerque PD
Ariz. warned of second lawsuit: Feds to use police racial profiling as a 'tool' against the illegal immigration law
What's wrong with U.S. airport security?
Chicago cop writes letter after fellow officer is killed
K-9 bites 13-year-old N.H. girl
27 cops injured in N. Ireland violence
New Jihadist magazine hopes to be explosive
Oscar Grant's family doesn't buy Mehserle's apology
Final effort to save Calif. cops' jobs
PoliceOne Exclusive
The BART shooting tragedy: Lessons to be learned
By Capt. Greg Meyer, PoliceOne Columnist
Johannes Mehserle sits in the Los Angeles County Jail, awaiting sentencing in a few weeks. We are left to wonder about what happened and what we can learn from it. I’ll try to provide some answers ...
Get the strong hand out of the game
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'Barefoot Bandit' caught in Bahamas
19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore was captured in the Bahamas after two years of eluding police. At about the 4-minute mark of this video, you'll see the 'Barefoot Bandit' exit the Bahamas Police plane.
Spanish police quell riots after World Cup victory
Cars were set ablaze and police fired shots to disperse the crowds of celebrating Spaniards. The fiesta led to more than 70 injuries and 24 arrests.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Product Review: Ruger SR556
By Richard Fairburn, PoliceOne Contributor
Ruger came late to the AR game, but they “done it up good!” The Ruger SR556 is a combination of an innovative gas-piston system, deluxe accoutrements and the refinement of full chrome plating in the barrel and operating system ...
Not just another AR clone
Featured Tip
Build understanding and empathy
A lack of understanding in the public sector can be dangerous to law enforcement. Taking steps to help build understanding and hopefully some empathy can go a long way. ...
Take a politician on a ride along
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