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Featured News
It is believed that Tracy Province and John McCluskey are in Arizona, traveling together in a silver Volkswagen Jetta along with a woman suspected of helping in the escape.
Both convicted of murder
Today's Top Stories:
Colo. murder conviction might be built on cop's lies: The detective is accused of lying in a case that charged Tim Masters with murder, putting him in prison for nine years
Masked robbers steal millions in St. Louis heist: The suspects overpowered ATM workers and hauled away millions of dollars in an armored van
Police bust cop impersonator who raped woman
Va. police can ask about immigration status
DC sniper shares details with William Shatner
Two Chicago men killed — each had a cop in family
Ice-T still hasn't cooled off
Death verdict could come this week for Pa. cop-killers
PoliceOne Exclusive
The ethical warrior: Leadership from the bottom up
By Jack E. Hoban & Bruce J. Gourlie, PoliceOne Contributors
The term “ethical warrior” strikes a chord with many who believe there should be a clarified code of ethics for protector professionals. But how do you adapt and implement the USMC “ethical warrior” concept when there is a lack of ethics at the top? ...
Calibrate your moral compass
Sponsored by: Safariland
Drunk woman goes wild on Fla. cops
Woman arrested a DUI in Florida puts up a fight with members of the Pasco County Sheriff's office. She continues to protest even after her friend tries to calm her down.
Police chase and shootout in Omaha
Omaha Police follow a robbery suspect who fires on officers during the pursuit. The chase ends in a shootout, with one of the cruisers ending up in a less-than-desirable place.
PoliceOne Exclusive
A recruit's conundrum: Who's right?
By Ed Flosi, PoliceOne Contributor
When an Field Training Officer's lessons and academy instruction are at odds on matters like pat/frisk searchs, the officers involved and the agency iteslf could be culpable ...
Overcoming inconsistencies in training
Featured Tip
What’s hiding in your back seat?
Before and after each shift, be sure to check the back seat of the squad you’re assigned. You might find drugs, weapons or something else that might surprise you ... Suspects hide many things
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