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The Department of Homeland Security wants to buy 3,000 dogs from breeders, but PETA says homeless dogs in shelters should be put to use first ...
Are they fit for police work?
Today's Top Stories:
Cop killer gets low bail after ramming squad: A twice-convicted killer who rammed a cop gets just $5,000 bail
Gun stolen from Pa. cop for second time: Department wants to know why the weapon was left on the front seat of the officer's personal car
Md. police to investigate off-duty cop who shot dog
Audio: Beer distributor killer calls 911
Cop criticized for not giving fellow officer's daughter sobriety test
K-9 helped save cops' lives in shootout
Cops: No 'favors' in arrest of Giuliani's daughter
NYPD motorcycles crash while escorting VP Biden
Thief robs IRS cop, gets shot
PoliceOne Exclusive
Cops clear cases despite 'no-snitch'
By Lt. Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
The Chicago Sun-Times painted a bleak picture with the recent three-part series about a 59-hour period in 2008 when 40 people were shot. But despite the challenges the "no snitch" rule presents, and despite tragedies and obstacles, cops in Chicago are still winning the war ...
The Police Have NOT Given Up
Sponsored by: Safariland
SUV drives over Md. cop's squad
Three teenagers in an SUV backed into a Maryland officer's squad car after a pursuit. The SUV rolled over the cruiser's hood and then tipped onto its side, injuring one of the passengers.
Cop hit by cruiser during foot chase
After chasing a suspect on foot through an unknown street, the officer and the suspect are struck by a responding cruiser.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Update on social media policies for law enforcement
By Lauri Stevens, PoliceOne Contributor
People in law enforcement should have integrity in their use of social media and maintain high regard for the public interest. Everything posted must be accurate ...
Facebook's effect on undercover work
P1 First Person
You Know You're an Interdiction Addict When...
By Brandon Roberts, Waldo (Fla.) Police Dept.
...You find yourself being suspicious of every single vehicle one the road, even if it's just grandma and grandpa, or the Brady Bunch ... Find out if you're an addict
Video Tip
Strengthening your shooting grip

Using a variety of grip-strengthening tools, cops can significantly increase hand strength in a way that exactly replicates the shooting grip ...

IronMind gripper tools
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Where's my boat?

Officer Michael J. Croft of the Florida Department of Transportation writes that fog and smoke from a controlled burn may have caused this mess.
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