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Dear PoliceOne Member,

How much do you know about drug interdiction and enforcement issues? In addition to the feature we present today from Andrew Hawkes on tips for highway drug interdiction in densely-populated metropolitan areas, we’re launching the latest in our series of PoliceOne trivia games. This one will challenge your memory of recent PoliceOne articles, tips, and columns on the subject, so give it a shot!

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor
Featured News
Cops arrested one of the escapees this morning near Yellowstone National Park. Convicted killer Tracy Province was armed with a handgun at the time.
Other escapee, accomplice at large
Today's Top Stories:
Miss. cop killed by suspect who escaped patrol car: The man, believed to be a Gangster Disciple, escaped the vehicle when it stopped at a traffic signal
Two NY cops shot in Harlem gunfight: The shooter killed one man at a block party and then opened fire on the cops
Ga. cops conducting ticket furlough?
Ill. Chief killed in off-duty car wreck
Ohio cities sued for trashed 911 tapes
Md. police tie slayings to sale of marijuana
Bad economy closes Ga. police academy
Tenn. cop files suit against city, PD
PoliceOne Exclusive
Cooper’s colors: A simple system for situational awareness
By Richard Fairburn, PoliceOne Columnist
The late Jeff Cooper broke down alertness levels into four colors of escalating degrees of preparation for the use of deadly force. This color code system is a mental process, not a physical one, and should be utilized whether or not you are armed ... White, yellow, orange, red
Sponsored by: Safariland
KC shootout caught on dash-cam
Dash-cam video captured this shootout between a suspect and two cops in Kansas City, Missouri. The suspect was killed and the officers were cleared of all wrongdoing.
Calif. police kill fleeing suspect
This driver was killed while trying to run over responding officers. The suspect's family took the case to court, but it was thrown out.
PoliceOne Exclusive
4 tips for highway drug interdiction in metropolitan areas
By Lt. Andrew Hawkes, PoliceOne Contributor
If you are a highway interdiction officer in a large metropolitan area, you should be foaming at the mouth with the opportunities in your target-rich environment. But along with those opportunities come a set of challenges that rural officers don't face ... Know your dope roads
Featured Tip
Discovering a suspect's true identity
After being burnt once or twice by slick perps who had memorized another person's DOB and SSN, I now ask them for some additional information they are less likely to know ...
'When were you last arrested?'
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