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Featured News
More than 15 agents have taken their own lives since early 2008, after four years without a single suicide. Some say the once-thrilling job is now boring.
How has the agency changed?
Today's Top Stories:
Ill. man hits squad with bat, faces felony: The 21-year-old was freed on $500 bail Saturday after causing an estimated $1,200 in damage to the cruiser
The low price for DWI deaths in Dallas: Many DWI offenders spend little or no time behind bars, even if they kill someone
Ohio K-9 left in hot cruiser dies
NY cops investigate fatal restaurant attack
Drew Peterson's detailed letter from jail
Video: The value of surveillance cameras
Son of Colo. deputy gets $17,500 in excessive-force suit against Denver PD
Calif. woman rams Tenn. cop memorial
PoliceOne Exclusive
Intersections: Training to combat the enemy in waiting
By Capt. Travis Yates, PoliceOne Columnist
Inside every intersection, an “enemy in waiting” lurks. With that eternal danger in mind, what can cops do, right now, to prevent these kinds of line-of-duty deaths? ... The 'Red Mist' mindset
Sponsored by: Safariland
Purse snatcher hit by police truck
A Texas purse snatcher who tried to run from cops in Houston was captured after a police truck slid across the wet mud and plowed into him.
The coolest cruisers in the world
Policía. Polizei. Polizia. These are some of the coolest vehicles from departments all over the globe. There are Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Fords, and much more.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Firearms and the female officer: Concealment holsters, front and center
By Tom Marx, PoliceOne Contributor
If a concealed carrier keeps her gun on the dead-center hip location, the bulge of the weapon will be noticeable, no matter what type of garment is used to cover it ... Off the hip
Featured Tip
The secret to a thorough pat down
When most new cops are asked what they search for while patting down a suspect, they say "guns, knives, and drugs." If that's all you look for, that's all you'll find ... Search for BBs
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