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Featured News
A shooter in Virginia killed two of his relatives during a domestic shooting Sunday. The man and his family had an ongoing dispute over a piece of land his mother failed to leave in a will.
Cops kill suspect and pit bull
Today's Top Stories:
Angry Mass. sheriff won't house illegals: Said she's encountered a "staggering lack of communication and respect" from the feds
Court rules NC college can't have cops: Patrolling on campus creates "an excessive government entanglement with religion"
Chicago cop: 'Hacks' are running the PD
Alleged NJ killer freed on reduced bail
Video: Vacationing family stopped at gunpoint in LA stolen car mix-up
Wis. man cited for express-lane behavior
Mass. towns give up on pot enforcement
Ore. boy takes mom's car on 100-mile ride
Mass. chief: Drop charges in Uzi death
PoliceOne Exclusive
Infiltration of the 'Newburgh four'
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
In a New York courtroom, four men stand trail in a plot to bomb two New York City synagogues and shoot down military aircraft. They have all pleaded not guilty, saying they were entrapped by a federal informant who did all the plotting ...
The value of confidential informants
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Earth, Wind, Fire, & Tear Gas
A riot broke out after an Earth, Wind & Fire performance in Colorado Sunday morning. People threw beer bottles and patio furniture at cops, who then broke up the crowd by spraying tear gas.
Ex-Philippine cop hijacks bus, kills 8
A disgruntled ex-cop hijacked a Philippine bus and demanded his old job back on Monday. The 12-hour hostage situation ended in bloodshed, with eight Chinese tourists dead.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Lessons learned in the Newburgh plot
By Lt. Jim Glennon, PoliceOne Columnist
Look at the Newburgh case and you'll find good, old-fashioned police work that involved intelligence, courage, ingenuity, and great effort on the part of many agencies. The case offers some important reminders for cops everywhere in America ... We must remain vigilant
Featured Tip
Drugs hidden in vehicles' gear shifts
Some aftermarket gear-shift knobs have hidden compartments used by suspects to hide narcotics. Swing by your local auto part store and familiarize yourself ... Knobs screw in half
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